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Obama is as American as pai apel and doesn’t understand American Exceptionalism

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Growing up in Indonesia as a Muslim, Barry Sotero did not learn what it is to be an American from people who respected America, but detested it, so he has no understanding of what it is to be America. He does not understand American Exceptionalism, which is why he wants to fundamentally transform the United States into something in which he does believe – a country ruled by the government. People, he believes, must be controlled by those in power or they will rob each other blind and does not see that those in power in socialist dictatorships are the ones who rob the people blind.

People like the ones around whom Obama grew up in Indonesia see those living the American Dream in America as thieves stealing wealth from them. When they trade for goods from their country on their terms they still believe they got the short end of the stick. They believe that the rich man should pay more, not because they weren’t paid richly enough based on what their product was worth, but because he had more available to spend.

Coming to America and taking the name of his biological father, Barack Obama, he learned how to speak to people in a way that inspired them. But his inspiration is for pie in the sky dreams and that they are victims rather than inspiring them to strive for the American Dream as the great Ronald Reagan did. As president, Obama and people like him no more understand the American work ethic than they understand American Exceptionalism. Obama believes that wealth is created by spending money, and he has been spending America's wealth as if he could print it or borrow it for free like a crack-head with a stolen credit card.

This is why the economy and middle class have declined over the last seven years, and why twice as many people are on food stamps, welfare, and disability than before he came into office. His re-election was the result, not of good policies making the economy grow, but of misleading dupes through slandering the Republicans as being responsible for the economic deterioration. Now, as Americans threaten to put a stop to his destructive enterprises, he fights back threatening dictatorship to push his agenda forward against the will of the people.

Obama thinks American Exceptionalism is the same as national pride, except that Americans think they’re better than everyone else. He believes American Exceptionalism is American conceit and arrogance. Obama doesn’t understand the most basic, vital truth about America.

Obama’s lack of understanding American Exceptionalism

America's work ethic

Rush explains American Exceptionalism to Obama

Rush Limbaugh:

“American Exceptionalism has nothing to do with anything but freedom and liberty. Here is what American Exceptionalism is. Well, if you know the history of the world... read your Bible, read whatever historical account of humanity you hold dear, and what you'll read about is human tyranny. You'll read of bondage. You'll read of slavery. The vast majority of the people, the vast majority of the human beings who have lived and breathed and walked this planet have lived under the tyranny of despots, the vast majority.

“The vast majority of the people of this world, since the beginning of time, have never known the kind of liberty and freedom that's taken for granted every day in this country. Most people have lived in abject fear of their leaders. Most people have lived in abject fear of whoever held power over them. Most people in the world have not had plentiful access to food and clean water. It was a major daily undertaking for most people to come up with just those two basic things.

“Just surviving was the primary occupation of most people in the world. The history of the world is dictatorship, tyranny, subjugation, whatever you want to call it of populations -- and then along came the United States of America. Pilgrims were the first to come here seeking freedom from all of that. They were oppressed because of their religion. They were told they had to believe in the king and his god, whatever it was, or they would be imprisoned.

“They led an exodus from Europe to this country, people of the same mind-set. They simply wanted to escape the tyranny of their ordinary lives. This country was founded that way. For the first time in human history, a government and country was founded on the belief that leaders serve the population. This country was the first in history, the EXCEPTION -- e-x-c-e-p-t, except. The exception to the rule is what American Exceptionalism is.

“It is because of this liberty and freedom that our country exists, because the founders recognized it comes from God. It's part of the natural yearning of the human spirit. It is not granted by a government.”