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Obama is a lost cause: Next

Why is President Obama a lost cause? Consider the reasons:

  1. He does not learn well from his mistakes.
  2. He makes the same types of management mistakes repeatedly.
  3. He has a flawed management approach, and doesn’t know it because he has no frame of reference, no prior experience managing anything.

Next. What can Americans learn from their experience with President Obama that they can use in the future to select and elect candidates to all public offices? As reported here before, the place to begin is to understand the work required of the subject office. Second is to derived skill, knowledge, proficiency and experience requirements, just like what is expected from you when you apply for a job. Third, examine the candidates’ resumes and compare to expected requirements. Something to learn from the Obama administration is how they rely upon political criteria more than anything else. They believe that attending a blue chip university is a substitute for any kind of experience that is directly related to the job. That is a major flaw that stems from the fact that is how Obama got to where he is. Voters accepted glip speaking ability and raw intelligence for experience. That is a mistake.

When it comes to appointing cabinet positions such as head of Health & Human Services, don’t you think that it is reasonable to expect the candidate to have experience in that field and to possess health care professional credentials of some kind at the PhD, doctorate level? Sylvia Matthews Burwell is a kind, humble, and brilliant public servant, according to David Gergen. Fine, but does she know anything about HHS? The answer is zilch. She is not qualified.

Why does Obama insist on advancing her? She is a professional politician from West Virginia where she worked as a staffer for Congressman Rahall. She is likely a woman who is destined for higher public office, or a position in Congress. She is practicing on the voters’ dollars. That isn’t right. She may belong in the Office of Management and Budget where she was, but not in HHS. It is time to make a big fuss about each and every Obama mistake because that is the only way American voters and our political parties with get the message.

“If confirmed by the Senate, Ms. Burwell would succeed Kathleen Sebelius, whose five-year tenure was marred by the disastrous rollout of the federal insurance marketplace that is a centerpiece of the law. Ms. Sebelius’s legacy, though, may well depend on whether Ms. Burwell and her successors can elevate public opinion of the law to a level matching programs like Medicare.”

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