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Obama insanity: 38B to nuclear industry: Green Party, Greenpeace (video)

As Americans brace for deadly nuclear fallout from Japan's lethal nuclear reactor radioactive material that penetrates homes and due to blanket communities across the United States within days from at least one confirmed Japanese nuclear reactor meltdown, President Obama intends to violate human rights by "insanely" gifting 38 billion dollars to the United States nuclear industry according to weekend reports.

Hidden nuclear energy agenda: nuclear weapons

On Saturday, amid the Japanese-American radiation fallout crisis, Greenpeace International and the U.S. Green Party independently released public statements urging Americans to firmly oppose President Obama's “dirty and dangerous” nuclear energy boost of 38 billion dollars to the United States nuclear industry.

Greenpeace Nuclear Policy Analyst, Jim Riccio stated, “Nuclear reactors are a dirty and dangerous power source, and will always be vulnerable to the potentially deadly combination of human error, design failure and natural disaster.”

Co-Chair of the state of Georgia's Green Party, Atlanta resident and radio show host Adam Shapiro stated, "Greens in Georgia and elsewhere urge the administration to reverse itself on the insanity of using public assets to finance a new round of nuclear construction."

Globally, news agencies from around the world reported Saturday that an explosion at Fukushima, Japan's facility destroyed the containment building housing a nuclear power reactor, triggering a meltdown.

Japan's 8.9 earthquake and tsunami ignited the nuclear facitlity explosion and subsequent fire, both documented on video and published on Youtube.

Nuclear Profiteers vs The People

Before the Japanese reactor meltdown, fifty-seven percent of Americans named nuclear subsidies as their most popular spending cut in a recent Wall Street Journal poll, but the voice of the people has not yet dented President Obama's drive to give 38 billion of taxpayer money to the nuclear industry profiteers.

Phase out existing reactors around the world stop building new commercial nuclear reactors are what Greenpeace is advocating.

“Governments should invest in renewable energy resources that are not only environmentally sound, but also affordable and reliable,” according to the Green Party.

Engineering firms and bond financiers, however, stand to make tremendous profits from the industry with public tax dollars to underwrite the failed technology.

“The simple truth is that no matter how advanced the technology and how prepared a country might be to deal with a disaster it doesn’t change the fact that nuclear power is inherently dangerous and always will be,” stated Greenpeace Nuclear Policy Analyst, Jim Riccio.

Georgia Nuke Facility Slated

In 2010, the Obama Administration announced tax-payer financed loan guarantees to build two new nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle in Burke County, Georgia.

Press Secretary of the Green Party in the Gulf state, Geiorgia, Bruce Dixon sent the media blast Saturday entitled, “Fukushima Radioactive Release Should Serve as Warning Greens Urge Obama to Withdraw Loan Guarantees for Nukes.”

"We are horrified, but not at all surprised by this latest nuclear accident," said Denice Traina, a health-care worker residing in Augusta Georgia and former co-chair of the Georgia Green Party. "Fukushima has now joined Chernobyl and Three Mile Island as beacons to the human folly of boiling water with nuclear fission."

"Private capital has known for years what a poor investment nuclear power is. If not for these taxpayer backed loan guarantees and the immunity from liability provided by the ill-advised Congressional Price-Anderson Act, the nuclear industry would have long ago succumbed to market forces," stated Shapiro.

Nuclear power marketing is expensive business involving lobbying politicians; feeding the media; and careful research into effective wording, and navigating legal issues. The anti-clean and renewable energy profiteers are heralding a new generation of “safe nuclear reactors,” fission is being sold as a “carbon-free energy.”

“That can only be said if one ignores the tremendous carbon footprint of the nuclear fuel cycle,” state Georgia's Greens.

Riccio of Greenpeace stated, "No matter what the industry tries to tell you, disasters like this are going to happen."

He wants Americans to have two hopes: That the worst is avoided in Japan and Americans tell their elected officials, "There’s no place for nuclear giveaways in this year’s budget."

Greens urge investments instead in solar, wind and geothermal technologies which would harness the Earth's solar income, rather than tapping its fossil fuel savings.

"While Fukushima underscores the insanity of the Yucca proposal to store nuclear wastes over a fault line, the 1986 explosion in the Ukraine shows us you don't have to build a reactor on a fault line to incur these risks," said Traina, whose child and grandchild all live within thirty miles of Plant Vogtle.

Studies have documented nearly a million radiation-related deaths since the April 26th, 1986 Chernobyl disaster, which led to nuclear fallout and raised background radiation levels throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Death and killing are what some of the nuclear power plant campaign is about.

"Nuclear weapons are an inevitable by-product of the nuclear power industry," reports Australian antinuclear reporter, Christina McPherson. (

"When it comes to opposing nuclear power, the toughest and most active and conspicuous resistance has been among women," writes McPherson. "In order to get plutonium for weapons, one needs a reactor, whether it is a “research” reactor... or a commercial reactor." (McPherson, C. at , citing Nuclear Energy Information Service, Illinois’ Nuclear Power Watchdog for 25 Years

Ulla Klötzer, WISE Nuclear issues information service has stated, "If women had been asked if nuclear power should be used for energy production or if nuclear weapons should be produced there would hardly be any nuclear power stations in the world and no nuclear weapons. Women represent half of humanity. Our voice must be heard!"

Jan Beranek, Head of Greenpeace International’s Nuclear Campaign said:

“Our thoughts remain with the Japanese people, who in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami are now faced with a dreadful situation, where instead of being able to plough all resources into rescue and relief efforts, the government is dealing with a crisis caused by the inherent and inescapable risks of nuclear power.”

Tell President Obama and your members of Congress, "There is no place for taxpayer giveaways to the nuclear industry in this year’s budget."


Learn more: Visit Christina McPherson's Antinuclear website at


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