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Obama immigration policies bring chaos to southern border (attached video)

Americans should prepare for more executive orders from a president who is becoming more and more isolated in Washington. His immigration policies, if they can be called that, have infuriated Republicans and made it nearly impossible for the two parties to reach any compromise at all. By failing to enforce current immigration laws, President Barack Obama is employing a deliberate strategy to make the GOP "unacceptable to Latinos," political strategist Dick Morris said on Newsmax TV’s "America’s Forum," on Tuesday.

Obama has nothing to lose at this stage of his presidency
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Obama’s partisan divide leaves the country looking at incidents such as the latest one involving thousand s of young Latinos streaming over the border looking for The Dream Actrewards. The thinking being they will be allowed to stay from the information they receive from relatives already in the United States.

The president is well aware he has no legislative recourse with his past tactics, so Americans should expect him to grant amnesty by executive order, he can use that route to end deportations, resulting in "de facto legal status," Morris said. What has he got to lose with his popll ratings at an historic low and the Democrats expected to be soundly defeated in midterm elections, including their Senate majority.

This "executive order strategy" is made with the idea of increasing the favorable Hispanic vote. Obama had many chances to work with Republicans to really seal the border forcing immigrants who are in the country to receive legal work status, but not a path to citizenship. But that wasn’t dramatic enough to provide black and white ”discrepancy of compassion” the Democrats show, at the risk of national security.

Obama has alienated Republicans to the point that zero compromise on immigration reform only clears the way to issue an executive order that will ingratiate him, and Democrats, to Hispanics, Morris said. The president is well aware that such compromise would disallow many Hispanics from achieving citizenship and thus voting Democrat.

The defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor now allows the Democrats to expand Cantor’s position on immigration compromise and make it appear the “Neanderthal Republicans” threw out the one man who wanted compromise. Of course the real story is many viewed Cantor as wishy-washy on immigration.

Cantor "is the first casualty of a deliberate strategy by Obama that is working very well," Morris said. "Every Republican got the message that this is now the third rail and if they touch it, they’ll be dead."

A national showdown is the inevitable conclusion to Obama’s immigration madness. Allowing millions of undocumented illegal aliens into the United States will make bad unemployment all the worse and the educational system mass confusion.

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