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Obama Ignored Warnings and Wasted Taxpayer Dollars to Try to Make a Point

It was recently announced that Obama pushed for and made sure that $528M was sent to Solyndra, as part of the stimulus, and now that company has become bankruptcy. The problem with this is not just that it has gone bankrupt, but the investment itself is a huge issue. It is indicative of a huge problem that we have with our government, particularly with our president Similar to Obamacare, and the fact that the wishes of the large majority of the country were ignored regarding it, the president has no interest in what the people want, or what experts are telling him. All Obama cares about is what he wants, and he is willing to risk half a billion dollars to try to prove a point.

Obama had been warned about the investment. Solyndra is a solar panel company that was struggling, and Obama wanted to put $528 million into the company. His economic advisors told him that the investment was not a solid one, particularly that amount in a struggling economy, but he did it anyway.

However, Obama was not interested in what fits the profile of a good investment. This is where his lack of business or state-running experience comes in. He does not understand that “hope” is not a secure financial investment. As indicated by the forced bill known as Obamacare, our president cares more about what he hopes will be best, rather than what really is best for the country. Obama was hoping to make a point that investing in green jobs is a good idea for our country. Some people say that it was for a photo-op and that may be true. While there may be some truth to that, that would be less of an issue Obviously, all presidents have spent some money that they normally wouldn’t have, so as to have a photo-op. If that were the issue, it may be easy to clear up by setting a very strict limit on what is spent on photo-ops. This case, however, is more of an attitude problem, rather than a problem involving an inability to properly budget. There are times when someone with business knowledge and experience may just have a hunch or instinct and invest a little bit of money in a more risky deal. That is to be expected. It is not expected, though, for that risky investment to be made using a very significant amount of money when a business is severely struggling. But Obama did not consider this investment to be a risk, because it was based on his hope that investing in green jobs, regardless of the situation, is what is best for the country. Thinking that it might be best for the country is all the expertise Obama feels he needs to make decisions, even when real experts with real knowledge tell him otherwise. This is exactly what so many people were trying to warn voters about. Obama has no business experience and has never been in charge of a state. He has had community organizing and occasional lawmaking experience. His complete lack of knowledge of how to run a business successfully is what has hurt this country most significantly since he has been elected.

When Obama was running for office, all he talked about was hope and change, never how he can provide it. However, all the people who warned of it were just dismissed as racist. Now, our country is learning, in a very hard way, that many of the warnings were accurate. He forced us to accept Obamacare, even though the majority of the country did not want it, and his argument was, as scary as it is, that he knows what’s best, so he’s going to make it happen. His obsession with his own opinion, and putting it above all evidence and fact, is a serious problem. Our country cannot afford to keep investing in hope. We can, and need, to hope and pray for a change in 2012.


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