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Obama horse mask: President Obama shakes hands with horsey, mask photo is viral

An Obama horse mask photo has gone absolutely viral this week, though it seems the simply bizarre nature of the picture is the main cause for all the commotion. While President Obama made a special trip out to Denver this Tuesday, he encountered more than a chance photo with a horsey character — he was also reportedly offered some legal weed from a local as well as shared a beer with state Governor John Hickenlooper. Yahoo! News describes the unforgettable scenes the U.S. President found himself in this Wednesday, July 9.

President Obama shakes hands with a horse mask wearing man
Twitter Photo File, Business Times (Image)

As part of a new initiative to get “closer” to the American people and step outside the Secret Service security, President Obama was spotted out on several walkabouts this week. Yet one photo with him shaking hands with a man wearing a horse mask is perhaps the most memorable of the images that was captured. The reason for the mask is not known, but it can be seen leaving our nation’s leader looking a little bit shocked and later laughing at the whole ordeal.

In addition to the viral photo that’s been called the “picture of the week” by several national news outlets, Denver also had some other forms of fun for the U.S. President. Obama was said to first have began his night out with a special dinner shared with a number of locals that had reached out to the President. Taking place at the well-known Wazee Supper Club, the whole experience was cited by the AP to be a "carefully orchestrated event aimed at projecting an image of the president connecting with real Americans."

Being a political figure apparently has its costs, and one of those sacrifices is a loss of personal freedom and anonymity. In an effort to step outside of the stringent Secret Service precautions and figurative walls with the American people, President Obama said that he hopes these walkabouts in public will help him connect with citizens and give him an opportunity to be “on the loose” for the time being. News Max shares that in one of these happenstance (or not so much) strolls, one of his visitors was a man in a horse mask. Obama looked understandably befuddled for a bit shaking his hand.

Nevertheless, the Obama horse mask photo became an instant hit online once it was shared with the rest of the world at large, swiftly garnering thousands of likes on Facebook and other social websites. Soon afterwards, the President was spotted cruising over to Wynkoop Brewing Co., a foundational site in regards to John Hickenlooper. It was here that the entrepreneur got his footing and continued on to become the mayor and later governor of Colorado. The two political figures were said to share some friendly words and cool beers together.

Aside from the popular picture, President Obama also made news after it was revealed that a Denver local wanted to offer the U.S. leader a legal “hit” of marijuana from the Colorado city. The President simply laughed off the gesture (which the giver captured on camera and soon uploaded to Twitter), before going on to play a game of pool with the Hickenlooper, which Obama managed to win. What do you think of the Obama horse mask photo? Do you like the viral sensation?

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