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Obama horse mask: Obama shakes with a dude in a horse mask (no, not an ass)

Obama’s horse mask handshake is making the news this week, and we know what you’re thinking – it was indeed a horse, not a donkey, though some are saying this fellow may have made an ass out of himself anyway.

Reports Fox News: “Yes, that is the commander in chief shaking hands with a person wearing a horse mask in Denver. The horse picture, snapped Tuesday night while President Obama walked and greeted people on the streets of downtown, went viral almost as fast as it was clicked.”

The president came into Denver to meet with some folks who had written him about the economy, and but that’s humdrum news, at least as far as the Internet is concerned. So instead, we have the non-story about Obama’s meet and greet with Mr. Ed.

Recounts USA Today:

The president shook hands with men, women and, at one point, a man wearing a horse head mask. Obama appeared to chuckle as he spotted the man, who wore a red T-shirt, and wore a quizzical but amused look on his face as he shook hands with the masked man. In photos captured on the scene, it's not clear if the man said anything to the president and, if so, what he might have said.

But that’s not nearly the most notable goofiness that descended on Barack while he was visiting the Wild West, oh no. While in a local brewery and restaurant, one brave chap offered the leader of the free world a drag on a (now legal) joint.

He declined, as you saw in the video above(though he didn’t come out and say no). For more on that, head over to: President Obama offered a hit on some legal weed in Denver.

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