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Obama Health Care Part 2: Misconception and who is behind it?


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I hear all kinds of misleading information about this healthcare plan. I have heard that this is the beginning of the New World Order. I have heard that the President is moving towards socialism. I think people are crazy if they believe that just because you create programs for the poor you are moving towards socialism. I hear that this plan will pull the plug on my Grandma if she is too old; This information came from Sara Palin so I knew it wasn’t true. When will politicians learn that smear campaigns don’t win elections or the trust of their constituents? I heard that this health care bill would be unfair to privately owned insurance companies and that’s when my light went off.

Straight from the NBC News poll story:
Majorities in the poll believe the plans would give health insurance coverage to illegal immigrants; would lead to a government takeover of the health system; and would use taxpayer dollars to pay for women to have abortions — all claims that nonpartisan fact-checkers say are untrue about the legislation that has emerged so far from Congress.

I realized that someone was fanning the fuel to this fire of lies being lit all over the news. Ok, Ok it was mainly Fox News but still news, I guess? I saw every crazy person at the town hall meetings on Fox like they were experts on health care just because they disrupted a town hall meeting? How did they get on Fox so damn fast? If Sara Palin is no longer a politician then why is she still campaigning "death panels"?

Oh, let's not forget the inane "death panels" charge made by former GOP Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and others.
Forty-five percent think the reform proposals would allow the government to make decisions about when to stop providing medical care for the elderly. That also is untrue: The provision in the House legislation that critics have seized on — raising the specter of “death panels” or euthanasia — would simply allow Medicare to pay doctors for end-of-life counseling, if the patient wishes.

I think we need another option for health care. No one is happy with what we have, so why demonize the person trying to make changes? I keep waiting for the Republicans to roll out their plan but as usual they just have the problem at hand not the solution. The reason they are experts on the problem is because they create them. Then they use scare tactics to get the public behind them. Do you all remember the weapons of mass destruction, 911 and Obama is a Muslim? I love the last one like being a Muslim is any worse than being a Christian. I often wonder why Christians go after Muslims so much and not Jews at least the Quran says that Jesus is the Messiah. The Jews don’t recognize Jesus as the Messiah at all. Oh I forgot they got property in the Middle East and right wing Christians loves that oil in the Middle East.

I heard a man screaming about his children not having any financing for the future when they retire. I thought to myself,’ that is social security and Bush already messed all that up’. If we look at the benefits of having an option I think we would see there is more in it for the public than there is now. We have to admit anytime there is competition it is better for the public. I don’t think anybody can argue that the current system is robbing us blind and no cures are being created because there is more money in the medicine than in the cure. If you look at all the side effects from medicine that has been created in the last 20 years you might as well deal with the ailment because the cure comes with too high of price to get well.

The current plan being rolled out is not perfect but choosing between two evils is what everyday Americans are used to so choose wisely. Until truth prevails my eyes will be watching.

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  • andy 5 years ago

    why dont you do some research and discover what millions of americans already have, that obama is a fraud a creation of the media and the establishment who is carrying on the policies of Bush
    watch obama deception

  • Lisa, Brooklyn, NY 5 years ago

    Listen, although I am an Oabama supporter, I will not follow blindlty into the mist. How about we all just WAIT AND SEE what will happen? It is way too early to tell what is what. Government is what it always has been: a bunch of crooks and hustlers getting over on "we, the people" who helped get them there. No surprises there. No one is truly estatic about today's health care system, so why not explore other options? Let's actually wait until we have solid proof that this will be another term of bs and empty promises only delivering Americans the shaft once again.

  • NH 5 years ago

    Do you honestly believe Obama is not lying and Sarah Palin is? Sarah Palin is MUCH more trustworthy. Do you know who is advising and controlling Obama? Read about them and then you will know why this is being done.

    Frankly, people are smart and they know enough to be scared. Why don't you? Why do you mistake the liars for truthtellers and the truthtellers for liars? Because the controlled media tells you to?

    Please! Read up on Holdren, Emanuel, Daschle, and Sunstein and you'll be scared. It's about control man.... and you won't be exempt. They are not trying to help anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Listen to us 'right wing nuts' because we are the ones who really are concerned for you and everyone....

    Cross my heart.

  • NH 5 years ago

    Look who is behind this, wealthy eugenics promoters...

    bsimmons.wordpress dot com/2009/08/07/soros-care-take-time-to-aread-this-it-is-an-eye-opener/

  • emily 5 years ago

    Hey Genius,
    George Bush did not mess up social security- that was done years before! Let me guess, you also blame hurricane Katrina on Bush and his hurricane machine...

  • Reader 5 years ago

    All of Obama's programs give most of the benefits to his constituents and have the Republicans paying the tab.

  • Farfel 5 years ago

    Wait 'til 'social justice' enters into the equation of who gets the next liver transplant.

  • r 5 years ago

    Its not exactly fair competition when the govt. can coerce the hospital and pharmaceutical companies into lowering the costs to Medicaid and Medicare recipients. But the expense will then be passed onto those of us who pay for private insurance. Already private insurance pays 135% of cost to cover the uninsured, while Medicaid pays only 85%. Then Obama will claim that he lowered healthcare costs without raising taxes. Why don't they put the people who are getting MEDICAID from the govt. on HMOs with approved plan Doctors to cut down on fraud. Have them use generics just like some of us who pay our own way.
    Instead you have Democrats like David Scott leading them all to believe that they have aright to the same quality of care that our legislators receive(pay for through their job). And the discount drug an hospital costs will count as the indigents' co pay, Obama says. The medical community won't absorb these cuts. They'll be passed onto the rest of us (" bnot a tax increase "

  • huh 5 years ago

    Your first commenter, named Andy, made as much sense as the health care plan.