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Obama has lost the respect of the American people

A new report says Barack Obama has lost the respect of U.S. sevicemen and women.
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"Obama has lost the respect of the American people," he said, "Particularly that of the our military."

This sentiment was overheard at a popular restaurant in Greenville, S.C. The significance of such a thing being expressed openly cannot be overstated. In years previously one would hear a very different take in casual conversations, even in this southern stronghold of conservatism. Many were willing to give Obama a chance. After all, the terms "hope" and "change" carried a certain attractive quality to those who had been burned in the 2008 meltdown in the financial sector.

In addition, even when Obama was elected to a second term, absent was the vitriolic condemnation of such an indefensible state of affairs, as if most believed that it was impolite to go after Obama too vigorously, particularly since he is the nation's first black president. It was like citizens were willing to bend over backwards to avoid criticizing Obama too much, lest others would think there was some racism at the heart of it.

Today, such sentiments are gone. It is considered fair game to blast Obama as it has become clear that his ideology, his views, and his programs have largely failed. His administration has lied away the good graces of the public. Citizens were willing to give Obama one lie, maybe two, perhaps maybe even three. Some people believe that such deception goes with the territory of being president. But the number of lies coming out of the White House and the administration have crossed a dangerous threshold. It is impossible to tell precisely when that sacred line was crossed, but it was indeed crossed. So many lies have been told that citizens no longer trust their president or his administration. In fact, truth be known, they don't trust any part of the federal government, not the executive branch, not the Congress, and not the Supreme Court.

And then there is a highly disturbing report issued by Real Clear Politics today which indicates that Obama has even lost the support of the majority of the those who serve their country in the armed forces. Here we are not talking about Pentagon officials at the highest levels, some of whom threw their backing to Obama early on. We are talking here about the rank and file soldiers, the troops who put their lives on the line to guard this country from its enemies.

The report is damning. Most of the military personnel who are speaking out on the Bergdahl debacle believe that such a deal places soldiers in mortal danger. They will now be targets for kidnappers all over the world. And many went as far as using the term "impeachment" to describe their feelings of what should be done to a president who would do such a thing, particularly when the "deal" involved the release of five of the most dangerous terrorists in the world.

Regardless of what happens in the unfolding story of Bergdahl, the release of the five terrorists without the legal mandate of officially notifying Congress is in itself an impeachable offense. There is still much that we don't know about Bergdhal. Yes, he walked away from his unit. But we don't know yet the full story as to why. Even if it turns out he has Stockholm Syndrome, or that he was playing along with the enemy to save himself and his fellow soldiers, none of that excuses the release of the terrorists or the manner in which Obama negotiated their release. And regardless of the whole story behind Bergdahl, the service men and women in the field are outraged and no longer have any respect for the commander in chief.

And this poses a grave danger to the country.

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