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Obama has celebrity week of sports, travel, golf; Shinseki investigates self

Honoring Veterans
Honoring Veterans

What happened to the 'outrage'? Barack Obama appeared to be 'anything but' outraged this week - entertaining a famous sports team, jetting to New York and then to Chicago, touring a hall of fame and museum, dining at extravagant fundraisers and leisurely golfing all day on Saturday.

Obama's entertaining week did not reflect anger toward the VA allegations of planned delays for medical attention; in fact, his total silence about the VA allegations until earlier this week was perplexing.

After his three-week hesitation, Barack Obama finally spoke at a press conference on May 21, 2014, about accusations of delayed health care for veterans, 'secret waiting lists,' cover-ups and allegations of related deaths.

Responding to the VA allegations in Phoenix and other facilities, Obama referred to Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki, stating, "I ordered Secretary Shinseki to investigate . . . . . he has been a great public servant and a great warrior on behalf of the United States of America. We're going to work with him to solve the problem, but I am going to make sure that there is accountability throughout the system after I get the full report."

Translation: Shinseki can investigate the leadership of the Veterans Affairs Department -- meaning, he can investigate himself.

With that problem solved, Obama found time this week to use his 'celebrity status' to mingle with the best athletes - presenting an award and chatting with admiring ball players, traveled to New York and Chicago, toured exhibits and sports memorabilia in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum -- while becoming the first sitting president to visit the museum, attended two Senate Democratic Fundraisers, and on Saturday morning left the White House early for a day of golf.

Immediately after his May 21st speech, Obama did not seem to fit the "mad as hell" description stated by White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on Sunday morning Face The Nation, but could have been more appropriately rationalized as "cool as a cucumber."

Obama Schedule -- Wednesday, May 21, 2014

11:35 -- Participates in an ambassador credentialing ceremony
14:10 -- Honors the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks; East Room
16:10 -- Delivers remarks on the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument Designation; Department of Interior

Obama Schedule -- Thursday, May 22, 2104

10:00 -- Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
10:45 -- Meets with travel and tourism executives; Roosevelt Room
13:05 -- Departs White House
14:30 -- Arrives Rome, New York
15:25 -- Tours the National Baseball Hall of Fame; Cooperstown, New York
15:55 -- Delivers remarks; Cooperstown
16:55 -- Departs New York
17:50 CT -- Arrives Chicago
19:00 CT -- Attends fundraiser for Senate Democrats; private residence, Chicago
20:25 CT -- Attends second fundraiser for Senate Democrats; private residence, Chicago

A question about whether the VA scandal was intentional is now being asked.

In his article, SHOCK QUESTION: Is the V.A. Health Care Scandal Another White House Sanctioned Crisis to Cause System Failure?, Norvell Rose suggests that the VA scandal might be deliberate. He states, "Could President Obama, his handlers and his henchmen actually NOT be angry and upset over shoddy health care practices at the Veterans Administration? Could their appearance of outrage — their practiced posturing — be meant to provide cover for their plan to disrupt, even destroy the V.A. health care system?"

Interestingly, 'improving health care for veterans' was Obama's campaign promise in 2008.

Judi McLeod's article, Obama campaigned on the backs of waiting-list veteran heroes in 2008, describes Obama's 2008 campaign speeches regarding veteran health care and states, "Obama campaigned on the VA scandal while still a senator in 2008, got elected president and then forgot about it—until the scandal came back into the light of publicity this month . . . . . Speaking at a campaign rally in Charleston, W. Va., then Senator Obama promised veterans he would fix the problems plaguing Veterans Affairs hospitals . . . . . "

In stark contrast to Obama's 2008 campaign promise to improve health care for veterans, a March 10, 2009, CNN report, Senators Slam Plan for Wounded Vets to Use Private Insurance, discusses a government attempt to make veterans pay for their own health care.

The 2009 CNN article by Adam Levine states, "Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki confirmed Tuesday that the Obama administration is considering a controversial plan to make veterans pay for service-related injuries with private insurance."

How quickly we forget . . . . .

Why are so many 'red flags' in the Obama adminstration still being ignored?

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