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Obama has been sending a 'clear message' on immigration for years

Central American families and children held at a Customs and Border Protection facility
Central American families and children held at a Customs and Border Protection facility
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Today President Obama sent a letter to House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi outlining his plans to deal with the deluge of illegal aliens , many of them children, from Central America that is continuing to overwhelm the Border Patrol and endangering American citizens living along the border with Mexico.

In the letter, which pays lip service to such things as "aggressive deterence" and calls for increased resources (your tax dollars) to deal with the "continuing influx," Obama says he wants to send a "clear message" to Central American governments warning them that people from those countries face unparalled dangers in making the journey to our border.

But nowhere in this letter will you find any admission from him that this "humanitarian" crisis is of his own making brought on by his very clear message since taking office that he's not interested in enforcing our immigration laws. News reports in recent weeks from that part of the world clearly reveal that people are willing to risk their lives because they believe Obama will not deport them if they survive the trip.

Sure, the Administration has been talking tough about how these kids won't be eligible under the DACA provisions or be entitled to citizenship, but everyone knows that despite them being ordered to appear before an immigration judge in the future - a process that lawyers have admitted will take years - the likelihood that most of these people will be sent home is virtually nonexistent.

Speaking of humanitarian crises, one wonders whether our federal government that is moving so aggressively to provide for all the needs of these illegal aliens is making the same effort to end the years-long nightmare at the Veterans Administration that may have cost the lives of up to a 1,000 veterans who were waiting for treatment. After all, in the case of the former, what we're looking at is another generation of Democratic voters, aren't we?