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Obama has a terminal case of Encephaloproctosis, and it’s infected America

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Fifteen percent of the population suffers from the same disease. That’s one person in six! And twice that number show signs that they, too, are infected, but there is hope that half of them can have their symptoms relieved if they follow a dedicated program for the rest of their lives. The cure begins with ObamaCare – not the purchase of it, but the repeal of the law that is destroying the greatest health care system in world history.

Mr. Obama announced proudly and without sarcasm that “ObamaCare is working.” The problem is that ObamaCare is working, just not as advertised. ObamaCare was supposed to “provide medical insurance to forty-five million uninsured people” and “be revenue neutral.” People who didn’t have medical insurance through their jobs or were unemployed were to be the beneficiaries of Obama’s benevolent oversight.

Most of the eight million Obama claims are insured thanks to ObamaCare already had insurance that was cancelled by ObamaCare regulations. The two million who were “previously uninsured who are now insured” are not paying for ObamaCare, but are now enrolled in Medicaid thanks to lowered requirements. Requirements that were lowered like welfare requirements were lowered so people needn’t do so much as look for a job in order to collect, and that means that the people paying for their healthcare is the working man who pays taxes.

People believe what Obama tells them. What do you expect when 15% say he never lies, despite video of him vowing that no one would lose their insurance or doctor because of ObamaCare regulations. He knew when he signed it into law what it said.

The Great American Dream has been corrupted by the Great American Lie of the Democrats and turned the dream into the Great American Nightmare. This is what you get when you put your faith in the Left.

Woe to the wicked!
Disaster is upon them!
They will be paid back
for what their hands have done.

– Isaiah 3:11

George Will on FOX said on Thursday, April 17;

“For one thing is the president is quite right. The Democrats ought to say “the Affordable Care Act is what we are.” Continent wide, imposed from Washington, top down reform that involves a tapestry of taxes, mandates, and other coercions.

“Aside from that, his performance today had the four basic Obama rhetorical tropes:

  • First you attack a straw man. He said, “Republicans said ‘no one would sign up.’” Of course, no Republican ever said any such thing.
  • Then you declare the debate over. ‘Debate on Climate Change is over, everyone be quiet. The debate on universal pre-school is over, everyone be quiet. Gay marriage, everyone be quiet.’ Now this debate is supposedly over.
  • Then he says “it’s working.” It’s hard to know what that means because the ethanol program, which subtracts from the public good in a variety of ways, is working in the sense that it’s being implemented as said in the law. Sugar import quotas, the same thing, it’s working but it’s not good for anybody.
  • And finally there’s his standard, ‘there can be no honorable and intelligent disagreement with me.’ States that have not expanded Medicaid are ‘doing it out of spite because of him.’ Because, he says, “it will not cost them a dime.” Well, it won’t cost them a dime for three years. After that it will cost them a mountain of dimes.

“It was a basic Tour de Force of Obama rhetoric.”

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