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Obama golfs instead of attending funeral for Maj. General Harold Greene

Harold J. Greene during a full honors funeral service at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday.
Harold J. Greene during a full honors funeral service at Arlington National Cemetery on Thursday.
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Last week, Maj. Gen. Harold Greene, the highest ranking American serviceman to be killed in the Afghan war, was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery. President Obama, however, chose to golf instead of attending the funeral, Byron York reported at the Washington Examiner on Monday.

Although Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel attended the funeral, neither Vice President Biden nor President Obama were present, he said. Earlier, York had said Hagel did not attend, but, he admitted, that report was incorrect.

York, however, confirmed that Obama was on the golf course instead of attending the funeral. News of Obama's choice caused a firestorm of criticism, he said.

"Gen. Harold Greene, first US general to die in combat since Vietnam, buried at Arlington Thursday," he tweeted. "Obama playing golf in MA..."

He also said a tweet about prior presidents attending funerals was an effort at misinformation by retired Air Force colonel Morris Davis. Davis said on Twitter that Obama "bucked tradition of Nixon who attended MG Dillard's funeral in 1970 & Bush who attended LTG Maude's in 2001."

But it turns out Davis, who currently teaches law at Howard University, was intentionally trying to embarrass people who believed his tweet. A post at Legal Insurrection said there was no reason to question Davis' original tweet given his biography and reputation. He later bragged about fooling a number of people.

"My fallacy tweet (Nixon & Bush didn't attend funerals) retweeted 225+ times by #Obama haters w/out checking 'facts,'" he tweeted. Predictably, a number of liberals congratulated Davis for his effort. York said that when asked why he chose to purposefully spread misinformation, Davis cited "sarcasm."

Davis' effort, however, did not change the fact that Obama decided to play golf instead of attend the funeral for the highest ranking officer to be killed in Afghanistan. For many on Twitter, the choice showed Obama's disrespect for the military.

"Must see Obama's ongoing misbehavior as not just indifference, sloth or 'love of golf,'" one person said. "It's contempt. For us all."

Another person said Obama's disrespect of the military "is seriously jaw dropping. Nevertheless, it is what I have come 2 expect from Obama."

"What a shameless, unworthy 'president,'" added Twitter user "RHawk." "He really does not care whether it's #Benghazi or Afghanistan or Christian martyrs."

"The end result is that Obama was playing golf during the funeral, Biden did not attend, Hagel did attend, and a law professor at Howard University successfully pulled off an internet hoax as to prior presidents attending funerals," William A. Jacobson said. York said the incident shows that people should be skeptical about what they see on the Internet until they check the facts and even more important, "Never trust a word Morris Davis says; it might be 'sarcasm.'"

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