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Obama golfs as Islamists seize U.S. embassy in Libya

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On Sunday, CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller said President Obama went to Ft. Belvoir for a round of golf with a group of White House aides. Meanwhile, said, an Islamist militia has taken control of the now-abandoned U.S. embassy in Tripoli.

"Though its hot and muggy with a chance of thunderstorms, Pres Obama has arrived at Ft. Belvoir for a round of golf," Knoller tweeted. "90° feels like 96°." Knoller followed that message up with another tweet saying Obama's "foursome today includes 3 WH aides." He also noted that a photographer in the press pool noticed a bandage on Obama's left middle finger.

According to Reuters, militants are running wild in the outer annex of the embassy, but have not broken into the main complex. "Dozens" of militants -- some armed -- were seen in and around the embassy pool, Reuters added.

The embassy was evacuated on July 26, with personnel driven to Tunisia under armed guard. All sensitive material was either removed or destroyed at that time.

Nevertheless, Reuters said, a takeover of yet another embassy compound could "deliver another symbolic blow to Washington over its policy toward Libya" as western governments fear the nation could become another failed state. The issue is compounded by reports of a detached Obama playing golf.

“Libya now is collapsed into a failed state," Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., told "Face the Nation" on Sunday. "That is what happens when you lead from behind." Twitchy said Obama was heavily criticized on Twitter.

"Visceral disgust watching video of cheering Islamists swimming in our embassy pool," tweeted Townhall's Guy Benson. "Our failed policy helped create a failed state."

"Neither heat, or rain, or #ISIS, or #Bordercrisis, etc.,will keep our laser focused POTUS from his scheduled rounds," another person said. Apparently, neither will attacks on U.S. embassies.

"So the story breaks about an embassy annex in Tripoli seized but #obama is on the links?" one person asked. "Leadership in action."

Moreover, the State Department doesn't seem too concerned about the action. According to Fox News, Deborah Jones, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, the compound appears to be "safeguarded," not "ransacked."

The group that took the embassy, known as the Dawn of Libya, invited onlookers inside, Fox News said. According to reports, windows have been broken but equipment remains untouched.