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Obama goes on the Tonight Show in just a few hours


The Tonight Show With Jay Leno NBC 11:30 ET

In just a few hours President Obama will be making his appearance on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This will be the first time in history that a sitting president will make an appearance on a late night talk show.

Analyst  feel that this could be in some ways a disgrace to the presidency. While many presidential candidates make appearances on late night shows during their campaign, none have done it while holding the office of the President. In a campaign context this can be absolutely beneficial to a candidate, it connects them to the everyday citizen, this can be said for President Bill Clinton's 1992 appearance on The Arsenio Hall Show, where the president blew away on the Saxophone.

Many are speculating that this is a ploy to divert attention from the economic challenges President Obama is facing. Obama and his treasurer Tim Giethner are facing harsh criticism for their handling of the failing economy,  Obama's approval rating has dropped from 64% to 59%. Much of the sudden criticism is coming from the recent revelation that AIG who accepted billions in bailout cash was giving millions of dollars in bonuses to their executives. Tonights appearance will bring Obama back to a platform that made the American public fall in love with him, it brings back a more human aspect to the presidency.


  • Kassy 5 years ago

    what on earth?? those execs are still getting bonuses?? this is ridiculous.