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Obama gives farewell speech no substance no specifics same inflammatory rhetoric


Sahit Muja: Obama is a great speaker and can deliver to a crowd. The only problem with this speech is it was hollow. There was no substance. Actions speak louder than words. There was no specifics just the same inflammatory rhetoric.

President Obama’s speech was deflating the hopes of those who where looking for a solid reason to re-elect him. In the absence of forward results, just hearing the same ideas that invigorated the young voting population of America in 2008 was very deflationary to current hopes.

President Obama left the question unanswered: If nothing has been achieved in four years, why would four more years of his presidency make a difference? Enthusiasm fizzled away even from the face of President Obama when he said that the difference from four years ago is that now he is the president of the United States.

You could see in that short pause he made that the president felt he was not making a convincing argument. The class warfare he incited against the “rich”, demanded increased taxes that eventually will fall on those that already pay the lion share of the tax burden, the customer.

His speech was like a communist manifesto that rattled the cage of the convention crowed, but the general public will not receive it with the same enthusiasm. The trust is gone and words alone can’t rebuild it. It is the economy, stupid.

President Obama in four years spent near $6 trillion dollars more than he had. Now, without any explanation, with just one sentence, he states that he will save four trillion dollars if re-elected. That is a differential of nine trillion from his past performance.

Well, Obama offered to cut spending by one billion dollars. Is this for real Mr. President, a spending cut of one billion dollars to substantiate a nine trillion differential you are promising? President Obama’s arithmetic is not adequate for the job, and it shows.

Obama's actions have let down a country. The greatest country in the world. He has failed to lead, to unite and to take this economy back to greatness. He says one thing and has done another constantly. He is a divisive figure who has done absolutely nothing to bring the country together as he promised.

Obama is a person who believes it is a great thing to demean those who have worked hard and try to be successful. His desire by actions and words is to punish those who either are trying to achieve or have achieved this. The people of this great country deserve better.
Barack Obama has failed the people of the United States of America

Unemployment 8.3% , 23 million + out of work, 47 million on food stamps, $16 trillion national debt, $1+ trillion annual deficit, $4K reduction in middle class median income.

1 out of every 6 Americans living in the poverty. We have doubled gas prices at the pump, cost of living is up, average U.S. worker salaries is going down and highest ever cost for heath care in US history.

The US dollar compared to gold has declined100%, gold was $ 815.00 ounce in Nov, 2008 to $1,7260. 80 an ounce today. President Obama's vision represents central planning and redistribution.

President Obama has record unemployment, record poverty rates, record food-stamp recipients, record accumulation of National debt, record foreclosures, record loss of median family income, record number of recent unemployment for college graduates.

For the first time in history, the United States lost its perfect AAA credit rating under Obama. US slips to number 7 in global competitiveness for business environment under Obama. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan vision represents concepts of liberty, freedom, self-reliance, and responsibility. Clear choice for Americans in 2012 election.

Liberty vs dependence, opportunity vs entitlement. Mitt Romney's strength derives from his solid experience in understanding economy, free enterprise and having the vision to help businesses succeed and create jobs.
Mitt Romney will rebuild the foundations of the American economy on the principles of free enterprise, hard work, and innovation

Mitt Romney's plan:
1. Energy independence
2. Improve education/School choice
3. Make trade work for America
4. Cut the deficit / Balance the budget
5. Champion small businesses and reduce regulations.

The US economic crisis is rooted in deep government debt and lavishes of government unaffordable and unsustainable basket of social programs on its citizen without regard to there economic or social consequences.

The US economy is languishing under the weight of Obama's failing leadership, regulation, red tape and political correctness.
We need energy independence, real tax reform and an end to reckless spending that defies any sense of logic.

Sahit Muja
President and CEO
Albanian Minerals
New York


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