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Obama frees terrorist, persecutes Christians, bringing American frogs to a boil

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Scientists found that if you put a frog into a pot of boiling water he would immediately leap out. But if you put the frog in a pot of tepid water and then turned on the heat to bring it slowly to a boil he would sit in it till he died. This is how President Obama is manipulating the ObamaCare law, illegally, to impose it piecemeal. By delaying the most destructive elements against which people would rebel, Democrats hope to impose this law on America with little opposition.

Despite the fact that Obama has repeatedly committed impeachable offenses such as; Fast & Furious gun running to Mexican drug dealers, IRS targeting conservative groups for higher taxes, NSA spying on reporters, and lawless alterations to the ObamaCare law, the Republican Establishment remains fearful of prosecuting him due to his race and being called racists. Nixon's spying on the DNC and Clinton's lying under oath are trivialities compared to the offenses of the man who ordered Benghazi rescue forces to stand down and allow Islamist terrorists a victory, and freed a terrorist aide to the blind sheik. Obama's campaign against America to break down its culture, especially persecuting Christians like the Little Sister of the Poor, has been successful because the people and the Republicans have been willing to sit quietly as he slowly and inexorably cooks their collective goose. They fear Obama’s black skin more than his black heart.

Obama/Holder free blind sheik’s terrorist lawyer

Obama/Holder persecute Christian nun’s charity

By the time ObamaCare taxes and regulations go into full effect, Democrats hope to have their greedy claws hooked into taxpayer's bank accounts. It remains to be seen whether or not Republicans can manage not to shoot themselves in the foot for the third election in a row. So far, moderates who control the Republican Party have torpedoed conservative candidates who gave them control of the House in 2010. They would have given them control of Congress and the White House, but in order to sustain their own power in their pursuit of being the next ones to tax and spend trillions on their friends like Democrats have for the past five years, Boehner & Company have joined with liberal Democrats to attack and condemn the TEA Party, pissing on the people who demand government stop stealing their money.

Republicans setting themselves up for another fall in 2014