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Obama foreign policy: Talk eloquently but carry a long knife

Vision of Obama's new world order
Vision of Obama's new world order
Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

After six years in office the world can finally come to understand the Obama doctrine. Due to a dearth of experience during his initial run for office, questions were raised about his competence in foreign policy. Those fears were dispensed with press releases disguised as editorials like this New York Times article from 2007. (NYT “editorial”)Naysayers were called myopic or lacking in foresight. In the article Obama is framed as unusually sensitive to other people’s nationalism and the need to project respect rather than arrogance. His flip flopping on past “hawkish” support for a military strike on Iran is described as pirouetting and as a welcome sign of growth.

How has Obama used this experience and wisdom assigned by the New York Times? It is common knowledge he provided arms to Mexican drug lords to support his assertion that American guns end up across the border. We do know he used his experience as a community organizer to usher in the failed Muslim brotherhood to power in Egypt. His administration helped to bring down the government of Libya without a viable alternative. He tried in Iran to bring down the government but failed. Hillary and his state department sent $900 million to Palestine to purchase peace that resulted in financing 32 tunnels and countless rockets. For a guy that bemoaned American imperialism that is some pirouette.

The remaining Christians in Iraq driven from their homes by the ISIS surely welcome Obama’s sign of growth. After spilling the blood of 4,486 service members to overthrow Saddam, Obama slips the knife in their back by abandoning the country for political purposes. He then proceeds to arm the “freedom fighters” of neighboring Syria to assist in his attempt to overthrow president Bashar al-Assad. (Spread of ISIS) At this point Obama grew to learn the knife cuts both ways. (WARNING Graphic) The ISIS with new found equipment and arms takes on Iraq. Unable to contain the international press they way he skillfully manipulates our own the truth comes out. Everyone can see how his chosen allies project respect towards Christians. Obama’s responds to the crisis of his own making in the only way he knows how. He orders an air drop of the equivalent of a school lunch program for the Christian refuges.

The world has also come to realize that Obama’s ineffective meddling is not confined to the Middle East. It has recently been revealed he was using students and the US Agency for International Development to try to destabilize Cuba. Using funding earmarked for HIV prevention and contractor Creative Associates these students were sent to recruit future community activists to build a Cuban Twitter network. (Cuban Twitter) With training as little as a half hour and the pay less than minimum wage ($5.41) the inevitable happened and one of their agents was arrested. Alan Gross was picked up by Cuban authorities and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. (Alan Gross) Even after his arrest the program continued despite the risks to the students. One might think Obama would be more sensitive to the Cuban’s nationalism enough to respect their sovereignty.

With the examples above it leads to the question of what other countries is the Obama doctrine of fundamental transformation taking place. These are just examples that have leaked to the press. One clue might be where else is Creative Associates under contract? (Creative Associates) Besides hot spots like Afghanistan, Egypt, and Libya they are contracted for work in El Salvador and Honduras. Is it possible their contract was to educate the masses on Obama’s open door immigration policy? Using youths as cannon fodder in Cuba is not that far from using children as a wedge on amnesty.

It is apparently not myopic to believe that the Obama foreign policy is to placate the masses and world leaders with talk of openness and cooperation while at the same time planning their demise. To call for restraint in Syria at the same time as arming the rebels. Financing Hamas rockets and then ask Israel to share their iron dome defense. At the same time assuring our allies he has their back. Unfortunately that is the last place you want someone with a long knife to be. Obama has fundamentally transformed our foreign policy from “talk softly but carry a big stick” to “talk eloquently but carry a long knife”.

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