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Obama fiddles as 140 more KC workers are laid off at AT&T

Obama in Rose Garden
Obama in Rose Garden
AP Photo/Alex Brandon


  • Allen 6 years ago

    8 years are hard to fix overnight.

  • Man on the Street 6 years ago

    The Dems took control of BOTH HOUSES of the congress in the 2006 elections. All legislation since then has originated from the Dems.

    That blows that "last eight years" talking-point doesn't it. Simple minds currently holding at 53%.

  • George 6 years ago

    Taking control of both houses doesn't make all legislation Dem in origin. Unlike the Repubs, the Dems are a broad coalition of diverse interests ranging from blue collar workers, to many doctorates. The black-and-white world view is damaging to fixing this problem. As for the health care bill, its is very similar to one Richard Nixon supported - was he a conniving socialist? For the record, we aren't fixing the past 8 years - we are fixing the past 30 years of misguided federal action.
    AT&Ts problems stem from landlines becoming increasingly expensive to maintain as structural changes reshape the industry.

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