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Obama Fails to Respond to Ukraine Invasion

In his statement this morning, the President / failed to respond in any meaningful way to Russia’s Ukranian invasion. Announcing only a weak suite of minor sanctions, Mr. Obama completely failed to take any steps which would have had any impact on Putin’s decisions.

Obama did not announce a cessation of his relentless cuts to the U.S. military. The weakened American armed forces no longer deter Moscow’s expansionism.He did not state that he would expand drilling for gas and oil on federal lands, to end the Kremlin’s blackmail hold on the European economy. He did not announce that America would announce its intention to lobby for the expulsion Russia from significant international organization.

By failing to state any of the above actions, Mr. Obama essentially greenlighted further aggression.

The world is in a far more dangerous condition than when Mr. Obama took office, as a clear result of his international actions.

The entire successful framework which combined powerful American military might, the demonstrated will to protect the interests of peace and security, and several trustworthy alliances has been abandoned with almost no public debate or even prolonged discussion with Congress.

In the course of Mr. Obama’s consistent appeasement of Russia, China, Iran, and the Moslem Brotherhood, U.S. interests and those of its allies in Europe, Asia and the Middle East have been cast aside in return for no discernible gains to either the American people or international stability.

The President’s rather unseemly pursuit of Vladimir Putin’s favor has led to major problems.

Across the European continent, the Administration’s attempts to renege on the anti-missile defense pact with Poland infuriated that government, which, since its liberation from the Soviet Empire, had staunchly supported U.S. foreign policy.

The White House stunningly diminished relations with America’s firmest ally, the United Kingdom, as a result of both his personal snubs (returning the bust of Winston Churchill, etc.) and his sellout of British nuclear secrets during the “New Start” harms deal with Moscow. Since signing that treaty early in his first administration, which served Moscow’s interests more than Washington’s, the Russians have restored their military to Cold War levels of power, rejuvenated their strategic nuclear forces, and resumed armed atomic patrols with bombers and submarines off the eastern, western, and southern coasts of continental U.S., as well as our Pacific bases.

In an act perfectly describing the utter weakness of the President’s foreign policy, are set to review America’s nuclear cuts even as Moscow invades the Ukraine, and Russia continues to violate its end of multiple international arms control treaties.

Mr. Obama’s bizarre foreign policy actions raise an extremely uncomfortable question: Is the President truly incompetent or is he following an agenda that he refuses to discuss with the American people?

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