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Obama doesn't have a corner on 'feckless' government

Picture Vladimir Putin and President Obama shaking hands, and Senator John McCain in the background chanting “feckless.” President Obama tried to give Putin a break by being as kind and gentle as possible. Putin responded as Obama critics anticipated. Putin saw that as a sign of weakness and as an opportunity to push forward his agenda to expand Russia after it had taken a beating with the breakup of the former USSR.

Faces of the feckless

Putin, a former KGB spy executive and military colonel, is a die hard autocrat whose occupation is professional politician in a nation that is filled with corruption and thugs, and whose government is far from one that embraces human rights and individual freedom.

Obama is a former community organizer and professional politician who has never practiced law that he studied. He wrote books about himself and his academic achievement, but did not apply his ability to manage a business or to manage any government, local or state, before being propelled by his political party to the highest office on the basis of intellectual brute force and his being an African American.

The result is a hard nosed former communist versus an inexperienced American minority liberal softy.

Now, this political analyst championed President Obama because he is the only champion for Middle Class and poor Americans. His party is the only one that does the same. So, American voters were left with little choice.

Little has changed in the political parties, however, one emerging candidate for president could be different because she has more political and government experience, in addition to having a strong intellect. That makes Hillary Clinton a more promising leader for America.

Until and unless the Republicans come up with something better that is a result from across the board transformation the likes the nation has never seen, we will have one choice once again.

In the meantime, credit Senator John McCain for pulling the word “feckless” from wherever he found it. It applies equally to the President as it applies to members of Congress who like to throw rocks in the glass house that is American government.

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