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Obama dodges key issues on Reddit

President Obama answering questions in an "AMA" session on
President Obama answering questions in an "AMA" session on

President Barrack Obama appeared on the famous, or infamous depending on how you look at it, reddit. If you do not know what reddit is, it is a massive conglomeration of articles, blogs, videos, pictures, and forum posts of just about every subject imaginable. Whether your interested in politics, video games, tv, or pictures of cute kittens, reddit has something for you.

While generally a place for "redditors," as they call themselves, to go and discuss, argue, and accrue karma (a sort of point system for posting things people like), President Barrack Obama submitted an "AMA" or for those not in the know of reddit jargon, a type of here I am and here's what I do, ask me questions.

The presidents post offered a 30 minute window in which to get your questions answered. The posting drew overwhelming amounts of responses, currently sitting at 24.5 thousand comments. Obviously not every question was answered as the posts came quickly and even temporarily brought down the site all together, but some people are upset about which questions where answered. One particular question that has come under fire was about the White House Beer.

Many people thought this question should have been passed for some of the more serious inquires on actual issues. While many of us may be curious as to anything related to beer, the simple fact that this question ended up taking precedence over some more sincere and important matters is somewhat disturbing. Whether or not you are familiar with the site, this particular thread is definitely worth seeing. The president does answer a few questions, and at the very least many of the comments are entertaining.

"I am Barack Obama, President of the United States" --