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Obama divorce stories: Are they true?

Some elements of the apparently conservative media have been awash lately with stories that President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are going to be getting a divorce. It is easy at first to ignore these as tabloid stories until enough of them are seen that perhaps it's a good idea to see if they are even true at all.

Rumors about the divorce of the Obamas are debunked
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One of the site reporting it is called RightWingNews. The basis of the story, essentially, is to rehash the incident at the Nelson Mandela memorial when Barack Obama allegedly flirted with the Danish prime minister and took a “selfie” with her via his cell phone. Picture of this incident clearly do show an unhappy look on Michelle's face during the incident. RightWingNews cited a National Enquirer story on the issue, and then reminds us that the National Enquirer was the first one to report the whole scandal involving former North Carolina Senator, and presidential candidate, John Edwards and his mistress who had his baby. While National Enquirer got that story right, and first, remember also that a broken clock stuck on one time will be right twice per day too.

A web site called “Before It's News” also covers the story, on the same basis from which RightWingNews did. Before It's News sites as their source, a story in The Free Patriot, which cites as it's source, The National Enquirer, and defends this source in writing, stating, “The Enquirer historically has had a dubious past as a Tabloid, but in recent years their reporting on the Obama’s has been more accurate than many other sources.”

That really bolsters my confidence in the integrity and credibility of The National Enquirer as a news source that they supposedly are “more accurate” on their reporting about the Obamas. Remember the cliché about putting lipstick on a pig? Schlock is still schlock, and The National Enquirer is definitely schlock.

The story, same schlock, is picked up by a site called MrConservative, which appears to be a corporately-produced slicker site carry the same schlock content. MrConservative uses The National Enquirer as their source too, and bolsters this by quoting The Free Patriot article linked above to justify their use of The National Enquirer as their primary source.

The left-leaning Huffington Post weighed in also with their coverage of the Obama divorce rumors. They debunked them, but they couldn't resist covering the story to bring readers to their web site.

The Huffington Post reported, “This just in: The Obamas are not getting divorced. But that didn't stop media analyst and political activist Mark Dice from fooling pedestrians into believing the first couple were split-bound on a recent weekend.”

Mark Dice did one of his brilliant pranks and found out how many gullible people he could easily get to believe that the Obamas are getting divorced. That's the most credible part of the story that was covered, and it was covered in the left-leaning Huffington Post, not the other supposedly right wing media sites that should cover something like that.

There is no credible story out there that President Obama and his wife are getting divorced any time soon. This is a distraction and a waste of time, in fact if you've read this far even into this story perhaps we've both spent too much time on this non-issue, me writing it and you reading it. But these schlock news sites get a lot of reader visits covering schlock like this. I think it's time we, and they, go back to focusing on real issues, like Benghazi, IRS-gate, voter fraud in 2012, etc. No more schlock...until we decide to debunk more of their schlock again.

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