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Obama destroying American Exceptionalism

Obama destroying American Exceptionalism. We have a corrupt, fawning media that fails to report the real Barack Obama. The world is in absolute peril, these inexplicable moves freeing the Taliban detainees from GITMO. Our Southern Border is overwhelmed by thousands of refugees pouring into Texas and Arizona. ISAS, a faction of al-Qaida is methodically taking over Iraq.

Vice President Biden that Iraq would be the administration’s greatest foreign policy accomplishment. Considering how inept and corrupt this administration is. He wasn’t boasting.

Obama has an agenda to weaken and transform America. He promised he would. That is one promise he’s delivering. Because of the media corruption and failing to report the real President Obama, Iraq is being overtaken by a terrorist group, ISAS a faction of al-Qaida. The Taliban Five will be positioned to assume power in Afghanistan. Our Southern Border is collapsing with thousands of refugees. Border agents are ordered to harbor these refugees instead of returning them to their homeland.

During all these crises, Obama is doing nothing. Or according to House Speaker John Boehner, he’s taking a nap. Though, he invited the female and male University of Connecticut National Championship Basketball Teams for a very important photo-op. Obama does have his priorities in order.

Regardless if the rest of the world is burning and crumbling. His idea of working around the clock is traveling to Palm Springs for golf and fundraising, so much for the National Security team restoring order in Iraq. Special Forces and the FBI captured Benghazi suspect, Ahmed Abu Khattala, despite Obama.

The Republicans have a duty to reprimand Obama. Impeachment will not occur because the media’s partiality will protect him. However, Congress should officially censure him. Even the media cannot defend Obama’s neglect with destruction of a once stable Iraq, the Benghazi raid, and the NSA illegal wiretapping. American is an exceptional country. Obama is an exceptionally bad president.

Final Thought: When GM CEO Mary Barra testifies before Congress this week, why can’t she use the lie her e-mails were destroyed like Obama’s IRS?

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