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Obama defying rule of law by freeing GITMO detainees

Obama defying rule of law by freeing GITMO detainees. Just when we thought we could enjoy our summer and casually review the political landscape, President Obama is endangering our national security and abusing his constitutional powers. In typical he freed five GITMO detainees over the weekend. These five are the most dangerous associated with Taliban and directly involved with al Qaida, supposedly for a questionably dishonorable soldier, Owe Bergdahl. Bergdahl wasn’t even recognized as a POW by the Pentagon.

Obama releasing these detainees is illegal. He is required by law to consult Congress 30 days before releasing any detainees from GITMO. Two prominent liberal constitutional attorneys, Jeffery Toobin and Jonathan Turley, both declared Obama broke the law.

More disconcerting about this entire affair was when Bergdahl’s father speaking in Pashto at the White House on Sunday had Obama euphoric. The security of this country and the world is very perilous because of Barack Hussein Obama. The country made an enormous mistake electing him. Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz stated Obama would not be elected if he campaigned on negotiating with terrorists and freeing GITMO detainees and illegally wiretapping private citizens.

He is not a president. He is the Manchurian Con Man. This administration is absolutely shameless. They’re denying they negotiated with terrorists. The Taliban doesn’t represent any nation. They’re terrorists.

The administration is saying they don’t leave soldiers behind. Tell that lie to the four dead Americans, Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Ty Woods and Glen Doherty. They were left to die in Benghazi, another of the never ending lies from this administration.

Obama’s defiance of the law is making the world a very dangerous place.

Final Thought: If Lady Fluff doesn’t want a political slugfest about Benghazi, then she should stay out of the political arena. Please!

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