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Obama defiant after Supreme Court rules against his executive order appointments

President Barack Obama on June 27, 2014 - the day after the Supreme Court ruled against his executive appointments.
President Barack Obama on June 27, 2014 - the day after the Supreme Court ruled against his executive appointments.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Barack Obama, who was ruled against by the Supreme Court regarding his executive-ordered appointments on Thursday, gave a speech on Friday morning in which he indicated that the ruling will not stop him, according to a Yahoo! News report on Friday. The president indicated that he will not be stopped from trying to work around Congress to implement his own agenda. Those statements can be equated with the notion that the president intends to continually defy the Constitution and break the laws of the land.

Obama has continually been accused of defying the United States Constitution and the elected members of the United States Congress by continually bypassing Congress to get his way. Ironically, Obama is a former Constitution educator and presumably knows what he is doing when he defies the United States Constitution and avoids Congress by not getting its approval before he makes appointments and asserts other executive-oredered actions as president. The belief is that he knows he isn’t following the rules and has even announced that he will continue to not abide by the laws of the land.

As for Obama’s sharp comments on Friday, he indirectly mocked a top Republican, United States House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, who threatened to sue the president over his use of executive orders in enacting policy changes, according to CBS. The threat from Boehner came earlier in the week. The president mocked Boehner in spite of the fact that on Thursday the Supreme Court ruled that Obama has violated the United States Constitution by appointing members to his National Labor Relations Board.

The appointments were illegal because Obama blatantly and quite incredibly made the appointments during a three-day congressional recess, according to The Wire. A three-day recess does not give the president permission to enact an executive order, obviously. The action by Obama is deemed as inexcusable and defiant by the high court and those in the United States Congress who feel he is basically shredding the Constitution with his repeated actions via executive orders. Such a brief congressional break obviously does not justify Obama’s use of an executive order to make appointments when the break only lasts three days.

Without remorse, Obama indicated on Friday as he spoke to citizens on the shore of Lake Harriet in Minneapolis that he is going to keep doing more of the same. He said that he is not going to let gridlock, inaction, willful indifference and greed, threaten the hard work of families like yours. Of course, willful indifference and accusations of greed are not directly definable.

Though opinion polls indicate that Obama and his efforts as president are largely unsupported by Americans, he keeps claiming that he is speaking for Americans as his defense when he doesn’t follow the laws of the Constitution. Most recent polls agree that Obama’s job approval rating is at 41 percent or less and the percentage of Americans that think he is doing a poor job remains well over 50 percent. Yet, according to Obama’s speech on Friday, he says, “We can’t afford to wait for Congress right now.” Truth be told, most Americans are willing to wait – according to the disapproving polls - just so that the Constitution is followed as to what becomes law in the land.

Obama defiantly promised the crowd, “That’s why I’m going ahead and moving without them wherever I can." The star-struck crowd seemed to accept his talk. Typical of an Obama talk, he blasted the opposition party. He went on to explain that Republicans are mad at him for taking actions via executive order. He claims that the Republicans are not doing anything and they are mad that he is doing something. Critics strongly argue differently by asserting the fact that our government has three branches and no branch – including Obama’s executive branch - gets to make decisions alone. The United States is not a dictatorship, obviously - it’s supposed to be a democracy.

Obama spoke to his executive order on minimum wage. While that may be a crowd pleaser, there are two sides of the debate which the president has chosen to ignore. Business owners, not President Obama, have to pay those increased minimum wages. Yet, Obama finds each of his executive orders to be a positive for the American people and he acts without utilizing the three branches of government to get his way. These are the types of actions that have disgruntled Americans and members of Congress talking of impeachment for the president.

Many also believe that the constant pacification of the public with such talk as increased minimum wage is designed to keep Americans’ minds off of the growing scandals surrounding the Obama presidency. Yet, the scandals continue to see the light of day on page two of national publications. The scandals that still haunt Obama include – but are not limited to – Benghazi, the IRS, NSA and the VA scandal.

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