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Obama DADT reform tells LGBT servicemembers to shut up and stay in the closet

Our Goldman Sachs liberal president has done his ObamaCare victory one better. After handing over a captive market of unruly customers to the private insurance companies and calling it reform, he has handed the gay bashing baseball bat up the military's chain of the command to higher ranking generals to beat openly LGBT service members out of the armed forces.

Some of my leftist comrades opposed ObamaCare for what it is: a boon for corporate health and Wall Street and the promise of a future invoice to Main Street, a bill we do not know they can afford where "access" and "cannot be denied" means I must sell you this bridge: please, pay promptly!

Other of my leftist comrades drank the Kool-Aid and supported it, urging that it was not perfect, that it's just a start. After tens of thousands drop dead for want of care and unable to afford it even when insurance companies can't deny them I wonder what we will start.

I am a Black gay man, and know about the Go-Slow smoke of Southern liberals when the civil rights/slave insurrection movement got too hot.

Famous friends of the "Negro" urged a steady pace, incrementalism, which allowed the Black population to be depicted as either a dark threat to "our way of life" or the clownish wide-eyed buffoon to be scoffed - two figments of the same captive population.

I am a Black gay man who has not gotten yet with this Go Slow nonsense his 40 acres and a Mule but, it seems instead, a SuperFund site and a jackass.

Go Slowers are elitists who have disengaged themselves from the terrors of real working-class people, LGBT's, and racial minorities.

Obama has topped his victory of health care reform with his Defense Secretary Robert Gates tackling his promised opposition to Don't Ask Don't Tell. But like his maiming of old concept universal health care as a public option - the US ultimately makes everything into pornography - Obama is further maiming LGBT service members, the LGBT community, even those like me who find the military and marriage peculiar institutions that only a moth should fly in to.

Instead of some lower-ranked flunky outing a same gender-loving warrior, this outing will have to be certified (whatever that means), will have to come from something like a 4-star general.

Star Chamber, anyone? I guess the bashed, ousted LGBT service members will get a certificate with their dishonorable discharge.

The news so far is making much on the newly implemented restrictions, like, if you come out to your doctor that can't be used to bash you like a second-class citizen: well, how many doctors in the armed forces were opening their patient-doctor confidentiality agreements by outing their patients? I want to know because I suspect this is more ObamaSpeak: change-is-coming flourishes spliced into his TelePrompter.

This reform is reported as ending third-party outings: like, I know you're queer so I'm going to report you. This is benign twin of the I know you're a Terrorist so get thee to Guantanamo without a lawyer or trial.

This new reform reportedly limits being dismissed to being openly LGBT.


This means, unlike our industrialized allies who have open lesbians and gays in their armed forces, LGBT's here still can't serve openly in the military. Hide your partners, letters, and get that sashay out of your march, girls.

In a country where Go Slow during the civil rights/slave insurrection meant unleash the fire hoses on women and children while Washington fiddled, where the public's overwhelming demand for the public option means enrich the insurance companies (where at the same time this week the US president defended the democratic aspirations of the Cuban people), while people die, reform of a bigoted policy means to tell LGBT service members to shut up, and shoot.

More Obama reform. Three years to go! 

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