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Obama criticized for vacationing during Iraq airstikes by Cruz (Vacation video)

President Barack Obama is hitting the links in Martha’s Vineyard on the second leg of his summer vacation this weekend. As can be assumed, some people have a problem with that, including some politicians – including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz. The popular Republican senator was making an appearance at the Iowa State Fair when he blasted Obama’s foreign policy – and also said that the president should spend less time on the golf course, according to an ABC News report on Saturday.

President Barack Obama watches his putt on the first green at the Farm Neck Golf Club on August 9, 2014 in Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts. The Obama's are vacationing on the island for two weeks.
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

Others have stated similar concerns about Obama returning to his summer vacation when there are incredible foreign affairs’ concerns which involve our American military in Iraq as well as the humanity challenges in the Gaza Strip in the Middle East.

Specifically, when Sen. Cruz was asked if he believes President Obama should be on vacation right now in Massachusetts’ elite area of Martha’s Vineyard, Cruz wasn’t short on opinionated words. He took the opportunity to say that Obama is an absentee president. He also revisited the controversy over Obama’s trip to Texas last month for fundraisers. As one recalls, the president refused to go to the Mexican-United States border where the influx of immigrants has caused a national stir.

On the topic of the airstrikes in Iraq which the president issued this week, Cruz said that the airstrikes could be effective. Yet he is critical of Obama for not having detailed a strategy for getting ISIS in line. He said that he is glad the president is finally demonstrating some leadership by taking the threat from ISIS seriously. But he also says that it is unfortunate that Obama is following the pattern that has characterized his foreign policy from the beginning of his presidency - which he hasn’t laid out any clearly defined objective that the United States is trying to accomplish that is key to defending United States national security.

Cruz said, “What is missing right now is the commander in chief laying out a strategic vision, here is what we’re trying to accomplish so everyone will know when it’s accomplished and here’s why it furthers U.S. national security interests.” He concluded his remarks by saying that Obama is not providing necessary leadership at this time.

In spite of a hefty amount of criticism, Obama arrived on Martha’s Vineyard on Saturday afternoon. He wasted no time heading out to the golf course, according to a CBS News report. Obama will be on vacation for two more weeks.

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