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Obama creating problems not solutions

Obama creating problems not solutions. Last week when President Obama visited Colorado and Texas, he handpicked his audiences though he was harassed in supposed friendly confines. The purpose of his travel was fundraising. Even though, he dismissed the recommendation of visiting Rio Grande Valley Border in Texas. He told the media he’s not into photo-ops only solutions. He’s a community organizer. He can only disrupt. He couldn’t solve a nursery riddle.

The crisis at the border is getting worse not better. Over 50,000 refugees have crossed the border in the past few months. Detention centers are completely under siege with no help in sight.

The government is underhandedly transporting these refugees to various sites throughout the country including Vassar, Michigan. Thankfully, states and municipalities are putting up firm resistance to have these refugees housed in their communities. The Tenth Amendment protects states rights, much to the chagrin of the corrupt Obama administration.

He can only blame and complain the Republicans in Congress for all the problems. He is the sole reason for the crises in the country and around the globe. Republicans didn’t issue stand down orders at our borders, which allowed amnesty to young illegal aliens who previously crossed the border. No Republican in Congress voted for Obamacare. Republican in Congress didn’t create duplicate lists at VA hospitals to falsify records. Obama caused these problems.

If Obama wanted to solve the border crisis, he would use his pen and phone and take the necessary steps. Texas Governor Rick Perry, a real leader, recommended to Obama the required measures to secure the border, first by deploying the National Guard. Obama is obviously not into solutions. He’s into playing golf. He’s played nearly 200 rounds and attended 400 fundraisers since taking office, some problem solver.

He escapes accountability because of a dishonest media compromising their integrity just to protect him and liberalism. Obama has hit the trifecta. He’s more incompetent than Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter and more corrupt than Richard Nixon. The country’s biggest problem is in the White House.

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