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Obama creating anarchy at Southern Border

Obama creating anarchy at Southern Border. The tension throughout the entire Middle East is worsening each day, as is the crisis at the Southern Border. President Obama can’t be bothered. He is too busy going to fundraisers. He wouldn’t even tour the detention centers where these people are housed. The estimates of 50,000 refugees have passed through the Texas Border is overwhelming the Border personnel.

Since Obama has been in office, he assured us the border was secure and the country was deporting more people than ever. That isn’t true. It’s getting to a point that anything he says is untrue. He met with Texas Governor Perry albeit reluctantly. He said he didn’t want to go to the border to assess the crisis because he doesn’t want a photo-op, since when isn’t he into photo-ops? His presidency is a photo-op, beginning with the Roman Columns at the 2008 Democrat Convention, to the March Madness picks and inviting championship basketball teams to the White House every other week.

So Obama in mystifying arrogance plays pool. Yet he can’t go and observe the crisis he’s allowed. In the play and movie, The Music Man, Harold Hill knew playing pool was trouble. Who knew how prescient he was? Pool is destroying our national security. Obama doesn’t know the territory.

Democrats cannot even defend his negligence and are avoiding Obama. Even Colorado Senator Udall ignored Obama and was completely scarce when Obama arrived in that state Tuesday.

Governor Perry told Obama to immediately deploy the National Guard at the Border to prevent the influx. Obama can’t take executive action. He’s not a decisive executive. He’s a philandering community organizer embarrassing the nation with his indolence and incompetence. He’s making Nero look like Winston Churchill. The next two years cannot pass fast enough.

Final Thought: One prediction we at the Oakland Examiner predicted is sadly coming true. Chicago is becoming another Detroit.

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