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Obama creates border paradise for illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartels

Obama created a new 500,000 acre paradise in New Mexico for illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartels
Obama created a new 500,000 acre paradise in New Mexico for illegal aliens and Mexican drug cartels
FrontPage Mag

It would appear that President Barack Obama thinks we do not already have too many illegal aliens and drugs coming over the border from Mexico that he would enable even more to come over that grossly inadequately secured border. As Daniel Greenfield is reporting in a recent article in FrontPage Mag, Obama just designed almost 500,000 acres near the border in New Mexico a National Monument, something he can do without approval from Congress.

FrontPage Mag reported, “President Obama made the announcement Wednesday afternoon, setting aside 498,815 acres of land as the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument. Unlike national parks which must be approved by Congress, the president has the power to designate national monuments. “I’m not finished,” Obama said during Wednesday’s ceremony. The New Mexico national monument is the second one he’s designated this year. He added, “I am here to pick up a little bit of the slack because there is no time to waste to preserve precious resources and give a shot in the arm to local economies.””

By designating this land as a National Monument, the local and state law enforcement are unable to patrol it, giving illegal aliens and drug cartels a huge area from which to cross the porous border and gain entry into the country. Creating this huge National Monument on the border is as good as just opening up the whole area and letting immigrants, drugs, terrorists, and anything and anyone else just come right through and enter the country.

“Dona Ana County Sheriff Tom Garrison told the monument will likely hamper law enforcement’s ability to patrol the area. That’s because nearly half of the land will be set aside as wilderness. When that happens, the area will be largely closed off to vehicles, including police cars.,” FrontPage Mag reported, “Garrison said his concerns have fallen on deaf ears, and says he’s been shut out of the process.”

Not only is the Obama Regime not securing the board, they are doing everything they can to let as many illegal aliens and illegal drugs come through the border as possible. Should it surprise anyone, with everything this Regime has done, that there is a growing chorous from the people, the same ones that retired Eric Cantor for his pro-amnesty efforts, for the impeachment of the president?

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