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Obama contradicts Europe speech with cuts to New York's security

When President Barack Obama cleverly told the world in his speech on Tuesday that he was more concerned with terrorists exploding a nuclear device in New York City than with Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, he didn't appear to remember that federal funding for New York's anti-nuclear program was slashed by more than half, according to a WCBS news story on Wednesday.

President Obama claimed that a nuclear attack on New York by terrorists outweighs his concerns over Russian aggression, but failed to mention budget cuts to New York's nuclear security program.

"[President] Obama said during his speech in Holland that his biggest fear was a nuclear weapon going off in Manhattan. Well, apparently he's not so afraid since his Department of Homeland Security is cutting funding to New York City’s first-responders -- police, fire and emergency medical personnel," said a former NYPD detective now a corporate security director, Nelson Landis.

According to several reports, the federally-funded program known as “Securing the Cities,” which had been initiated to detect and prevent a nuclear attack in cities considered likely targets, will be cut from $11 million to only $4.7 million.

New York's Democrat U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer made certain to appear on local television to say he's urging the Obama Department of Homeland Security stop any budget cuts to New York immediately.

According to a DHS official, the security program was supposed to only begin with large amounts of cash to make certain equipment was purchased and police officers, firefighters and medical personnel were trained in nuclear detection operations.

After the millions of dollars allocated, the DHS always planned to provide only partial local funding, according to officials.

Meanwhile, on Fox News Channel on Wednesday, former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani said, "I have a strange reaction to it, I think New York City is so resilient. I don’t think the president said anything we don’t know."

"I hope Obama’s comments [will] help the city secure more funding from the Department of Homeland Security [not less]," said the man known as America's Mayor.

But several current and former NYPD officers aren't holding their breathe waiting for Obama to make good on his claim of being concerned about nuclear security in New York.

"If I've learned anything about this man's [Obama's] politics its that he says whatever pops into his head that he feels will be well-received by his audience. He's a talker, not a doer," said former police officer Iris Aquino, who worked on several anti-terrorism operations after 9-11.

"Why is he so concerned? Didn't he say al-Qaeda and the terrorists are on the run?" she added.