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Obama contemplating surrender to Taliban

Obama surrendering to the Taliban in Afghanistan
Obama surrendering to the Taliban in Afghanistan

The war in Afghanistan was initially with the government there that was the Taliban. We booted out the Taliban and helped establish a new government, however, neither the US, NATO, and Afghanistan government defeated the Taliban. The Taliban has grown and is operating in Pakistan too. So, the correct response is to coordinate a multinational force to combat and to eradicate the Taliban.

The trouble is that the Afghanistan government and President Obama are willy-nilly about undertaking such a mission. True is that America has been in Afghanistan for going on 14 years, but our political and military strategies have failed. If America stands down from war with Afghanistan, that should not mean that it stands down from war on the Taliban terrorists.

The American military needs to continue to improve its technology war against them as well as its economic war. New technology such as laser weapons are coming on line in 2015, and Afghanistan and Pakistan may become battlefields for testing them.

Needed at once is a more coherent and collaborative strategy and approach with both Afghanistan and Pakistan to combat Taliban terror into nonexistence. That is not happening now, and it appears that President Obama hasn’t the will to fight.

Marc A. Thiessen at the American Enterprise Institute has a fine analysis of the situation.

“Is Obama considering surrendering to the Taliban?

By Marc A. Thiessen, Published: June 9

Facing an unexpected uproar over his decision to release five brutal Taliban leaders in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, President Obama has tried to wrap himself in the mantle of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt.

Yes, it is “absolutely” possible the men he released could return to the battlefield, the president recently declared, but “this is what happens at the end of wars.” In freeing these Taliban leaders, Obama claims he was doing nothing different from what his predecessors did after the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II.”

Marc A. Thiessen
A fellow with the American Enterprise Institute, Thiessen writes a weekly column for The Post."

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