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Obama considers assassinating U.S. citizen overseas

Predator drone lies in wait for its prey
Predator drone lies in wait for its prey
Photo by U.S. Air Force/Getty Images

An American living overseas is suspected of being a facilitator to al-Qaida and the U.S. is weighing its options. Though Obama is hesitant to send a drone to drop a bomb on this U.S. citizen as of yet, the reasons for that are not as noble as you might think.

According to AP, "one U.S. official said the Defense Department was divided over whether the man is dangerous enough to merit the potential domestic fallout of killing an American without charging him with a crime or trying him, and the potential international fallout of such an operation in a country that has been resistant to U.S. action."

So, rather than wrestling with the idea that its wrong to drop a bomb on a suspect in a criminal investigation, they're just worried about how the public will react to the news. They don't have a conscience, morals, or a sense of justice, but they're afraid that the public might. I guess sending someone to ask a couple questions is just so much more complicated than air to land missile strikes.

Basically, they're building a case against the un-named man to decide how dangerous he is. Then Obama will decide whether to piss off the country he's in by authorizing the pentagon to make a military strike against him, or violate our new assassination laws by authorizing the CIA to take him out. Either way, it seems they have already decided the fate of this unknown suspected terrorist.

U.S. drones have killed 4 Americans since 2009, that we know of. One was targeted while the other three were innocent bystanders. Drone strikes aren't the most surgical of strikes one could choose for assassination.