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Obama completely devoid of growing economy

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Obama completely devoid of growing economy. As 2014 begins, President Obama still shows his ignorance of the U.S. Economy. In a recent weekly address, he criticized Republicans for not extending unemployment in the budget bill passed by Congress. First of all, Obama signed the bill. He could’ve vetoed it. Whenever the Monthly Jobs Report is released and shows the number of jobs created, Obama is the first one to blow his own horn saying the economy is strong. Household incomes dropped since he took office. Yet, he wants to extend unemployment benefits instead of creating jobs.

Obama refuses to grow the economy. He rebuffs any plan for energy exploration. He vetoed construction of the Keystone Pipeline, which could bring over 20,000 jobs. He admitted he wants to bankrupt coal companies. Though, he allocated over $4 billion to failed wind and solar companies that are now out of business. His squandering of the $4 billion to these companies should have alerted the disasters of Obamacare, another job killer.

Since the Obamacare rollout has been an unmitigated failure, he needs red herrings and distractions to escape any blame. His first citing income inequality. His incompetence is the reason for income inequality. There are a million fewer jobs than when he took office. The employment participation rate is at its lowest level in 35 years. The stimulus package spiked unemployment to 10%.

He has shown no signs of bipartisanship or willing to work with Republicans. He has not been truthful or transparent which he promised. But he eagerly blames Republicans for the sluggish economy and the flawed Obamacare. Republicans had nothing to do with Obamacare. Obama knows how to blame. He doesn’t know dollars and cents.



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