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Obama call to Crowley widely covered by social media

Social media, including Twitter and YouTube has widely covered Obama's phonecall to Crowley, the police officer from the Cambridge, Mass. police department, who arrested Henry Louis Gates Jr., a Harvard scholar, on July 16.   Obama had previously used the word "stupid" to describe the actions of the police force, which he apologized for, in his phonecall to Crowley.  In the press conference Obama said, "The fact that this has become such a big issue is indicative of the fact that race is still a troubling aspect of society.  Whether I were black or white I think me commenting on this and hopefully contributing to something constructive — as opposed to negative — is part of my portfolio.” The President said that he came away from his conversation with Sergeant Crowley that he was “an outstanding police officer and a good man.” 

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  • Examiner Reader 5 years ago

    How empty did his "apology" really come across? He is, once again, covering the bottom-most portion of his body!

  • maria 5 years ago

    He was right the police acted stupidly by arresting him. Disorderly conduct my bottom half.Seems to me the police officer wanted to flex his muscles after getting some cheek from the Dr.