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Obama blasted for his passive efforts in Black and Latino communities

"Change agents" Smiley and West might be all smiles, but they are not very happy with the Obama Administration
"Change agents" Smiley and West might be all smiles, but they are not very happy with the Obama Administration

President Barack Obama has been riding high in recent weeks after ordering and directing the successful elimination of the world’s number one terrorist Osama bin Laden.

However, as he prepares for the 2012 Elections, Obama finds himself being literally bombarded with a hoard of unresolved domestic issues (coupled with countless global troubles) that have beleaguered him and his administration since his appointment as president.

Now Obama has a handful of prominent Americans who feel that he and his administration have failed to produce and advance the necessary policies that are essential to improving the social conditions of Americans who not only represent the poor and working class of this nation, but that also live in predominately Black and Latino communities.

World renowned activist and Princeton professor Dr. Cornel West, and distinguished talk show host/author Tavis Smiley both feel that President Obama has yet to directly and sufficiently address the issue of Black people being “left behind” as our country moves forward into the 21st Century, with many Americans who live in Black communities being completely left out – all during a time when a Black man sits in the White House.

Famous actor/comedian George Lopez and legendary Latin musician Carlos Santana feel that President Obama has dropped the ball on one of his more significant campaign promises (U.S. immigration reform) and is now in danger of losing the growing power of the Latino vote.

Each one of these men has been awarded numerous honors over the years for their educational and professional accomplishments, as well as for their unwavering commitments to charity and community service. More importantly (through their careers), each man continues to make significant contributions to the shaping and preservation of American culture.

It is unfortunate that their views of President Obama’s efforts may be misdirected.

President Obama is the leader of our nation, and as the leader of our nation he has a responsibility to address and resolve the needs of our nation. His strategies and solutions have to be designed to impact the needs of everyone – not just the Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians or Indians.

Neither can his strategies be designed to only address the needs of Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus or Buddhists. Additionally, Obama also cannot develop and implement policies that only address the needs of people who are Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bi-Sexual or Transsexual. He has to work for the greater good of us all – not for the greater good of persons or individuals.

President Obama is the leader of this nation – he is not the nation. “We The People” are the nation. With that being said, it seems that we would be better served if we spent less time looking at President Obama and more time looking at ourselves.

We, the people of this nation, expect our presidents to concern themselves with and resolve each and every little detail that impacts our lives and our country, but we as individuals fail miserably when it comes to holding ourselves to those same standards.

If we all as Americans took the time to understand the fact that we are the solution to our challenges, we could create an environment that would allow us to come together as one people and work in unison to effect the change(s) we desire.

President Obama campaigned on a platform of “change for our nation” to win the White House. He is the leader of change, but we are the "change agents." So if we as a nation fail to recognize the responsibility we bear in ensuring that we continue to prosper well into the 21st Century, our shortcoming will not be the fault of our president…it will be ours.


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