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Obama blasted by black Chicagoans over Chicago needs vs. illegals' needs (Video)

Black Chicago residents on President Barack Obama’s South Side of the city have gathered to denounce their native son president for his recent actions for illegal immigrants as well as his non-actions for his fellow-Chicagoans. The residents of Chicago have spoken before cameras and their message is posted loud and clearly in a YouTube video which shows Chicagoans expressing their severe frustrations with Obama, according to the Washington Times on Monday.

President Barack Obama
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

The residents of Chicago’s South Side are extremely concerned with the rise in violence, shootings, and murders in their neighborhoods. In response to their frustration, they have slammed President Obama for not addressing their problems in the city. The specifically decry Obama’s wanting billions of dollars of funding from Congress for the illegal immigrants who have entered the country across the Texas border rather than giving the president’s hometown funding to address the increasing violence.

A protest designed to address these frustrations from Obama’s fellow-Chicagoans was held on Friday at the Chicago Police Department’s headquarters building. At the demonstrations, persons incredibly criticized Obama for not acting in Chicago, expressing total disapproval of the Obama administration earmarking federal money to assist some 50,000 illegal immigrants at the nation’s southern border.

One African-American resident on the video said that if you look at the time that they were brought here as slaves 400 years ago, they have the same results today. Another man asked the president to step down if he continues to ignore Chicago’s problem with guns and violence. Another called Obama the worst president ever while asserting that Bill Clinton was the African-American president.

According to Fox News, Texas Gov. Rick Perry says that Obama isn’t interested in fixing the crisis at the Texas-Mexican border either. Perry was speaking about the meeting he finally was granted with Obama when Obama went to Texas to attend a number of Democratic fundraisers late last week. Obama never did visit the border as he was requested to do.

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