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Obama blames social media and news shows for dismal world view

President Barack Obama on Friday blamed social media and the abundance of news sources for giving Americans the impression that the world during his administration is coming apart at the seams, according to news outlets that covered his fundraiser during a Democratic National Committee picnic in the town of Purchase, New York.

While Obama gulfs and fundraises, the American people sense the United States and the world are in dismal shape.
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"I can see why a lot of folks are troubled. The world’s always been messy ... we're just noticing now in part because of social media,” Obama said to the adoring crowd, who paid what amounted to many Americans' yearly salaries just to rub elbows with POTUS.

The low-approval rated President claimed that current crises in the United States, such as the tsunami of illegal aliens flagrantly sneaking into the United States, and the violence and destruction across the world in nations such as Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Somalia, Egypt, and other locations, do not equal the situation the Americans faced during the Cold War.

"First of all, Obama isn't the only president to face news organizations such as CNN, MSNBC, Fox News Channel and talk radio. Second, the Internet wasn't just created while he's been in the White House and both Clinton and Bush were slammed on the world wide web. In Obama's case, the perception that the world is more chaotic while he's been sitting in the Oval Office than it was when Bill Clinton and George W. Bush sat there is reality! Countries that were at least at peace are now filled with violence and death," said former police chief and now director of corporate security Howard Cusack.

"That includes his ancestral home of Kenya, where Islamists are running rampant and Christians are being persecuted and killed," Cusack added. "Doesn't anyone want to know why Michelle Obama gave up on those African girls kidnapped in Nigeria by Islamic radicals?"

The barbeque with the "swells" was held at the home of Robert Wolf, Obama's golf partner and the former president of UBS Investment Bank. The ticket prices started at $15,000 and went up to $35,000 per couple for upwards of 200 supporters to hobnob with the president.

"You can bet the farm that none of these people are feeling the pain and degradation of the real world. Like their beloved leader, they live in a world of 'should be" rather than in the world most people must face," said political strategist Mike Baker.

"To these limousine liberals, their mistakes are merely the cost of leading the American people -- those pesky unwashed masses -- to the promised land. But Moses they ain't," Baker quipped.

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