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Obama blames Congress and thumbs his nose at the Constitution

What is he talking about?
What is he talking about?
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Barack Obama has found himself cornered with his own policies. The new strategy is not to repair the damage, but rather mock the Republicans and blame them for his ongoing missteps. He did exactly that on Tuesday describing Congress as a “do-nothing Congress.”

No, he will not apologize for a making ‘lone wolf’ executive decisions without the legislative branch, and goes so far as to tell them, "So sue me. As long as they insist on taking no action whatsoever that will help anybody, I'm going to keep on taking actions on my own that can help the middle class, like the actions I've already taken to speed up construction projects and attract new manufacturing jobs and lift workers' wages and help students pay off their student loans."

He made his “presidential” remarks to a Department of Transportation gathering on Washington's Key Bridge. He was obviously referring to House Speaker John Boehner’s open anger and new court case against the president for going beyond the limits of executive power.

The huffy Obama went on to say, "Middle-class families can't wait for Republicans in Congress to do stuff. So sue me. As long as they're doing nothing, I'm not going to apologize for trying to do something."


His evidence for this was his take on the Highway Trust Fund. He claims House Republican inaction and the inevitable bankruptcy of the fund this August is their fault, according to ABC News. Obama said, "All told, nearly 700,000 jobs could be at risk next year. That would be like Congress threatening to lay off the entire population of Denver or Seattle or Boston. Soon states may have to choose which projects to continue and which ones to put the brakes on because they're running out of money."

Obama claims it’s “obstruction.” Congress "keeps the system rigged for those who are doing fine, at the very top. It prevents us from helping more middle-class families."

It is another sterling example of his war against the wealthy and his quest to divide America in terms of race and income. He cynically said, "We could do so much more if we just rallied around an economic patriotism, a sense that our job is to get things done as one nation and as one people," he said, according to ABC News.

The Republican response to this silly and unwarranted ideological tirade was immediate. On Tuesday afternoon, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus called it a presidential “power grab. The president wants to be president, he wants to be speaker of the House, he wants to be majority leader of the Senate, and he wants to be the court," he said on Fox News Channel's "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren."

An obviously angered Preibus went on to say, "When you tell your Cabinet members, I want you to find ways in order to circumvent the Constitution, the president's forgetting about the fact that the entire basis of this Constitution that made this great country is that the power vests in 'We the People. I think, actually, he intends to change the laws of this country on his own. I think he's going to be as cute and as clever as he possibly can to do it."

The executive power crisis is growing by the day and the Supreme Court is watching with interest. Obama has been struck down in court case unanimously 13 times thus far. It may be a record before he leaves in January, 2017, or earlier.

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