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Obama - Biden working to ease burdens on middle-class families


   The Middle Class Task Force met on Monday with President Obama and Vice-President Biden. The meeting was a preview of issues President Obama will lay out in his State of the Union address tomorrow evening. 

    President Obama is proposing several polices that would ease burdens on middle class families. Nearly doubling the child and dependant care tax credit, limiting a student’s federal student loan repayment and expanding support for families balancing work while caring for elderly relatives are some of the changes President Obama will address tomorrow.

    The work of the Middle Class Task Force is important to Albuquerque residents – a city where middle class families normally thrive. There is no doubt, however, the recession and the State’s budget troubles have caused some strain on Albuquerque’s middle class families. Vice-President Biden believes if "we give them the tools, the flexibility, even just a chance to succeed, we're not only going to rebuild this economy, we're going to offer millions of Americans to build a future that they hope and still believe is available to them."

   The relief offered in President Obama’s plan will be welcome.

Photo (AP Photo/Charles Dharapak)

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