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Obama asks YouTube for Obamacare help

Obama asks YouTube for Obamacare help
Obama asks YouTube for Obamacare help
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

President Obama personally petitioned digital media personalities to assist in increasing health care sig-ups during a White House meeting of YouTube entrepreneurs last week.

The gathering, which was talked about in the social networking profiles of numerous content creators, was an original idea and occurred just over a month before Obamacare enrollment shuts down for this year. An unnamed White House spokesperson noted that the President “discussed the importance of having influencers on YouTube get the word out to the millions of fans that they speak to every day.” Obama also “acknowledged…how powerful the YouTube community is in helping raise awareness about key issues,” according to the White House.

In addition, the President expressed gratitude to them for their efforts thus far in facilitating increased public knowledge of the upcoming enrollment deadline among young Americans.

The nation’s executive branch has turned to online media magnets in addition to celebrities in the film, athletic, and music industries all the way through the sign-up period. Stars in these fields have played have had a huge role in manifold crusades targeted towards lifting youth sign-up figures this winter season.

Youth sign-ups have been fewer than anticipated. President Obama initially hoped that at least seven million citizen would sign-up by the March deadline, hoping that for about two-fifths of that total to fall between ages 18 and 34. To date, that age group comprises roughly 25 percent of enrollees. Nonetheless, independent industry research has concluded that even with the missed targets enough Americans of all ages have signed-up through state and federal health care exchanges to prevent the dreaded Obamacare “death spiral” that would have caused the health law to fail.