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Obama as Commander: A real-life 'mystery fiction'


As a candidate, Barack Obama mentioned 'fundamental change' for America just prior to the 2008 election.

Most Americans chose to go along with that 'mysterious concept,' without asking for an explanation of it's intended meaning. They instinctively shouted, "YES, WE CAN!"

Many Americans are now wondering whether Obama has any domestic policy or foreign policy. And many are wondering why so much of his time has been spent vacationing, traveling, watching ESPN sports on big screen, writing 'NCAA Tournament picks,' appearing on TV talk shows and playing golf.

In the article, Obama doesn't have time to be president, Jeffery T.Brown describes Obama as "self-indulgent," suggesting, "The celebrity and the trappings of the position have always been vastly more important to this man than the responsibility."

Brown describes his impression of Obama as "a fake grown-up, lacking a moral compass, whose protectors have allowed him to escape criticism for saying and doing meaningless and dishonest things."

Brown summarizes, "For five years, we have been without a real president," and he adds "We are weaker, less respected, less feared, less liked and, well, just less."

Keeping us safe is the job of the Comander-in-Chief, but many citizens are not feeling safe.

With a long list of scandals remaining unanswered and lacking in investigations, Obama recently failed to attend two urgent national security meetings regarding the crisis in Ukraine. During the first meeting, Obama was on the other side of the country, 'playing a game' of golf in sunny Florida!

"It is Saturday. You can’t expect him to interrupt his golf game with something as pesky as world affairs" was the explanation from explaining Obama's failure to attend the security meeting.

While the impending invasion of Ukraine was being called a "Cold War style-standoff," Obama skipped yet another national security staff meeting on the Russian crisis. The Conservative Tribune's article,
Obama skips another national security staff meeting on Russia, states, "Being briefed on a meeting of this gravity is no substitute for being actively involved in the process of deciding what the official US response to the Ukraine crisis will be. As Commander in Chief, Obama is charged with being the sole organ of foreign policy in the United States . . . . ."

A March, 2014, article, Study: 'Small' Nuclear War Would Destroy the World, recently appearing on Drudge Report, illustrates why Americans have a reason to worry about U.S. leadership and safety.

Obama's chickens come home to roost, written by Michael Goodwin, New York Post, describes his concern and current view of Obama's leadership.

Goodwin compares Obama's domestic and foreign policy, "A Ceasar at home and a Chamberlain abroad, Obama manages to simultaneously provoke fury and ridicule. He bullies critics here while shrinking from advisories there. . . . . . . He divides the country and unites the world against us, diminishing the nation in both ways. His reign of error can't end soon enough, nor can it end well."

As for 'change' in America . . . . . . . Elementary children eating 'pot candy' at school? Generic restrooms in an elementary school in California? A gay exhibition in a family holiday parade? Gay marriages performed at a family parade? Drug dealers flocking to Colorado where marijuana is legal? Record number of Americans on government assistance? Record number of Americans on Social Security disability? Government-run health insurance?

Since Obama took office, food stamp recipients have increased to a record 47 million.

In Welfare Hits Record Levels After 50 Years of War on Poverty, Alex Newman explains, "Since Obama took office, 13 million more Americans have become dependent on food stamps, with the numbers now hitting a record 47 million — about a third more than when he was sworn in. In 2007, there were 26 million recipients. Spending on the scheme has more than doubled just since 2008. The explosion of the program, along with other welfare schemes, has resulted in countless commentators and critics labeling Obama 'the Food Stamp President.'"

Nancy Pelosi recently told us that job loss due to Obamacare is good. She stated, "It's one of the goals ----To give people life, a healthy life, liberty to pursue their happiness. And that liberty is to not be job-locked but to follow their passion.”

Litigation questioning the 'mystery' of Obama's concealed records continues. Many people wonder whether the present 'Commander-in-Chief' of our country was ever eligible for the office. Most cases have been denied due to jurisdiction or standing.

At early as 2007, information was available which illustrated that Barrack Obama had attended school in Indonesia as a citizen of Indonesia. Other information suggested that Obama was a 'British subject' due to his father's African citizenship, therefore indicating 'dual citizenship.'

A recent Alabama eligibility case, Hugh McInnish, Virgil Goode v. Beth Chapman, Secretary of State, was denied, 7-2, on appeal at the Alabama Supreme Court. The court ruled that the state does not have a legal obligation to vet a presidential candidate before excluding the person on a ballot.

Larry Klayman, attorney and founder of Judical Watch and Freedom Watch, explains his thoughts regarding the March, 2014, Alabama Supreme Court decision for his case in Alabama Supreme Court Finally Rules “No Opinion” On Obama Eligibility Case.

Decisions from the Alabama judges, including Judge Roy Moore's dissenting decision, can be seen at

Attorney Orly Taitz, is currently awaiting a decision in her case, Taitz vs. Colvin, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration, Case #1:13-cv-01878-ELH, U.S. District Court in Baltimore, Maryland. Taitz is requesting the SS-5 for Harrison J. Bounel's Social Security Number through the Freedom of Information Act.

Attorney Taitz believes that the Social Security Number assigned to Harrison J. Bounel in Connecticut is currently being used by Barrack Obama.

The Social Security Administration at first stated that they had no record for Harrison Bounel, but Taitz submitted a letter proving that the requested document existed.

The battle continues, with Attorney Taitz arguing that Bounel's SS-5 must be released due to the '120-year rule' --.a rule which allows the release of SS-5 for 'extremely aged individuals' without proof of death or death certificate.

Taitz vs. Donahue, Postmaster General, Case #1:13-cv-01020-RCL, Washington D.C., U.S. District Court, is the second case in which Attorney Orly Taitz is awaiting a decision.

Explaining the Donahue case, Taitz states, "This case is against the Postmaster General and Inspector General for the USPS. It demonstrates that a year ago Attorney Orly Taitz provided them with information, a sworn affidavit of the Chief investigator of the Special Investigations unit of the U.S. coast Guard, showing that Obama’s Selective Service certificate is a forgery, and it contains a fabricated postal stamp. For a year, they covered it up and did not take any action. I filed a FOIA request. They did not respond within 20 days as required; a legal action was filed. After the case was filed, a letter arrived showing that the Inspector General sent the complaint by Taitz to the fraud division and demanded action and report within 30 days. There was no report and Inspector General did not take any action for a year . . . . . "

The 'plot' to this endless mystery? Many Americans believe that there is a 'plot' to destroy our country and to reduce American power and influence worldwide.

An abundance of 'rising action' can be seen in the daily news, but no crisis is ever solved; there is never 'an answer' or 'ending' to the mystery.

Describing Obama's perplexing leadership and the resulting state of our country, Michael Goodwin stated, "We are racing downhill and he is stepping on the gas. Will he stop before the nation crashes?"

When will we finally reach the end of this 'mystery fiction'?

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