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Obama approves air strikes over Iraq targeting the parasitic militant group ISIS

President Obama approves air strikes over Iraq to deter ISIS
President Obama approves air strikes over Iraq to deter ISIS
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

As the Islamic extremists militant group ISIS barrels through Northern Iraq, taking over its towns, ruthlessly killing innocent Iraqi civilians, demolishing ancient sites and temples which have stood for thousands of years, and are now pulverized ruins -- President Obama on Thursday, Aug. 7, approved air strikes in an attempt to slow down the ruthless Islamic extremists.

On Friday, according to Pentagon officials, two 500 pound bombs were dropped over Erbil, Iraq, where a United States consulate is located, and is also the Kurdish capital. The bombs dropped by two U.S. Navy F-18 fighter jets, were specifically laser guided to pinpoint artillery being used by ISIS, and to avoid civilian casualties -- so far no incidents of civilian casualties due to the bombings have been reported.

“As the president made clear, the United States military will continue to take direct action against ISIL when they threaten our personnel and facilities,” said Pentagon spokesman Rear Adm. John Kirby. ISIS, which stands for the “Islamic State of Iraq and Al Sham,” also known as ISIL, are a different breed of Islamic extremist with no limits to the brutality and pain they are willing to inflict on anyone who does not share in their beliefs -- they are simply scarily dangerous.

Before the approved air strikes, President Obama ordered a humanitarian mission to drop-off food and water to nearly forty thousand Iraqi Christian minorities who are now trying to survive in the brutal heat of the northern Iraqi mountain Sinjar. The Iraqi Christian minorities fled their towns for fear of being slaughtered by the parasitic extremist militant group ISIS, who has sworn to eliminate any religious minority living in any part of Iraq.

Meanwhile, as Americans are weary of the U.S. re-engaging into another Iraqi conflict, President Obama made it clear that: "American combat troops will not be returning to fight in Iraq because there is no American military solution to the crisis in Iraq.

Currently, issues such as the Ebola virus killing over 1700 Africans and affecting two Americans, while the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine persist, and the war between Israel and Palestine continues to rage even with seize fires being negotiated through the United Nations, it seems that the United States has its foreign policy hands full -- but it is concerting its efforts on ridding Iraq and the rest of the free world from the ISIS mayhem.

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