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Obama appeases Putin and declares it officially 'happy hour'

I have a pen if this keeps up
I have a pen if this keeps up
Jerry Holbert, Political Cartoonist

Imagine the confidence of the citizens of Ukraine after the Russian military surrounded Kiev this past week. All that stands between an extended red occupation and the rest of the fledgling nation is our impersonator of a US president, pen and phone at the ready. How’s that for an impenetrable barricade against old school Cold War aggression?

To his minimal credit, Barack Obama has used the phone. Now a follow-up letter, denouncing Vladimir Putin’s betrayal of world trust, should just about do the trick.

The call lasted a reported 90 minutes, if one wants to include the time that Obama was likely put on hold. (I mean, really, an actual 90 minutes of back and forth with a former KGB thug who considers human oppression an art form? Our stuttering orator can barely put complete sentences together for 15 minutes going one on one with Bill O’ Reilly).

After asking Putin to consider the upside of a free Ukraine to Russia as well as the rest of the world, Obama urged the leader in Moscow to reconsider his actions and withdraw. Putin was probably the first to hang up, ending the feckless appeal, and Obama raced off to declare that it was officially happy hour.

Hey, mission accomplished, and I can still make the celebration by five.

Barack Obama, who pathologically evaluates his many non-accomplishments as diplomatic victories, partied with the DNC, and the agenda became “Forget Ukraine and its people, let’s berate and mock Republicans for carrying the fight to repeal the un-Affordable Care Act on behalf of our People.”

Talk about your Nero. Where George W. Bush can invade and completely scuttle the vaunted Iraqi armies in less time than is spent on an Obama family vacation (and display stoic modesty after the historic event), the fiddling occupier of today’s White House does backflips for lasting a few minutes purring long distance with the red dragon.

Still, how uncomfortable this social occasion must have seemed for many of his minions, as they forced out the expected but weak guffaw at the president’s old, humorless barbs. Those out of touch remarks come at the expense of a national constituency losing first its valued personal health coverages, and later its pocketbooks trying to replace them.

Many of these Democrats know that, with resume`s of nothing but sword-swallowing support of their thankless leader, they will not be returning to Washington after the November mid-terms, having allowed Barack Obama to, almost unilaterally, usher in a decidedly more dangerous environment around the world and leave Americans destitute in a stagnant economic ice age by his own grand design.

Their inability to check and balance a slipshod Barack Obama and instead govern by and for the People, is as transparent as the smirk on their leader’s face.

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