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Obama and Putin: Are we on the brink of war? Fear mounts world wide

Soliders stand guard
Soliders stand guard
Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

With the military forces of Russia now occupying parts of Ukraine and Crimea tension mounts world wide. Fear of war is escalating and not only are world leaders deeply concerned over the outcome of this situation but so are spiritual leaders.

On Tuesday morning, March 4th, 2014 President Putin pulled back his troops but stated he has the authority to protect Russians located in Ukraine and by all means if necessary.

His accusations that the West has encouraged Ukraine to be involved in anti-constitutional tactics has not gone unheard and he said they will backfire. While tensions have remained high troops from Moscow fired warning shots to keep protesting Ukrainian soldiers at bay.

It was reported that President Putin ordered 150,000 thousand on military training exercises to pull back from the border. It was not clear if this was done on the advice of the West to assist in de-escalating the crisis situation.

Now China has come on board with Russia and have given support by agreeing on Russia's move to secure troops in Ukraine.

As this “crisis” seem to be moving forward panic has set in and the Russian stock market has taken a huge hit. As of Tuesday it seemed that the stocks had regained a foothold, as it was felt the threat is no longer a red alert situation.

The US has made clear that President Obama must choose his words wisely and make careful choices as to what the next step will be should we send assistance to Ukraine. Security of State John Kerry is in route to Kiev to meet with the new leaders in Crimea. President Obama stated that Russia has violated an international law by it's actions toward Ukraine.

Robert Gates, former CIA agent and Russian expert has said that the President must envision his decisions at least three steps out as he considers his response to this critical situation.

The world, not just the nations publicly involved in the situation, but the entire world has come together to pray in unison for peace talks and urge the leaders to come to a civil agreement. Pope Francis was quoted to have said in his weekly Angelus at St Peter's Square, “ I am close to Ukraine in prayer, in particular those who have lost their lives in recent days and to their families.”

The Pope said that he hoped that a civil and constructive discussion between the national leaders and political communities would come together that could result in the avoidance of violence and that peace and the spirit of good fill the hearts of the world.

Mass rallies of spiritual believers, religious congregations, churches, and messengers from all faiths have gathered around the world to pray and join collective peaceful energies in a hope that peace can be obtained and that these wars between our neighbors of the world can come to and end.

The fate of the future, of the world as we know it, now stands at an even greater risk of being destroyed if the leaders we have selected rush into heated decisions based on materialistic and greedy deception. If the leaders use personal gain and immaturity in the heat of the moment to make a statement as to who has more power the fate of our world and the world we hope to have for our children most assuredly will come to an end.

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