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Obama and his sh*t talking senators demand respect

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Respect is earned by showing respect to others. Democrats are demanding that citizens of the TEA Party speak to them with respect. This coming from the people whose leader refers to these patriots as “teabaggers.”

Obama and his fellow liberals do nothing but talk sh*t about their enemies. Their lies are both profound and numerous. They do nothing but slander them, and cast blame on conservatives to make them scapegoats for the destruction liberal policies have done to Americans.

The beginning of wisdom is recognizing truth in politics and which side speaks it. This is difficult for the observer because liberal's lies extend to projecting their own motives and actions on conservatives. They see others as a reflection of themselves and delude themselves as being noble.

The only way to ascertain with certainty which is the liar and which tells the truth is to observe the results of their policies. Even then one must be careful not to have the wool pulled over one's eyes. Reaganomics and Obamanomics are opposites with one being constructive and the other destructive. Only by careful study of the last forty years can one see clearly which is which.

Liberalism relies on government spending the people's money, with higher taxes and more government programs, whereas conservatism relies on the citizen being responsible for themselves and only relying on government in cases of emergency and for mutual defense from invading foreigners and domestic criminals.

Reaganomics resulted in a booming economy through the 1990s when a Reagan conservative, Speaker Newt Gingrich, forced a Democrat president to sign a balanced budget by shutting down the government. This is the exact opposite of the Democrat Speaker Tip O’Neil who forced Reagan to sign massive deficits after lowering taxes. The man who swore, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman,” claims that the balanced budget was his doing.

Obamanomics has resulted in a depressed economy that has seen over ten million people drop out of the workforce and the middle class to lose $4000 a year income. Now that ObamaCare is going into effect, the CBO reports that 2-3 million more people will lose their jobs, which the New York Times is touting as people being “liberated” from having to work for their healthcare. When Obama pushed this law through Congress, he was so “transparent” that Pelosi declared the law must be passed before it can be read.

Obama said passing this law was “the right thing to do.” Will you still take the word of the man who said, “If you like your insurance, you can keep it?” Instead of insuring the thirty million for whom he said the law must be passed, ten million have lost their coverage and been forced to sign for ObamaCare or Medicaid. When the employer mandate goes into effect after this year’s mid-term elections, do the people expect Obama will keep his word then, or just blame the insurance companies for obeying his law?

So as they deconstruct the American economy and blame Republicans, as they steal away trillions of tax dollars from future generations, and as they lie and obfuscate their policies, then slander the TEA Party for being responsible citizens, try taking a moment to examine what they say and what they do. How respectful are Democrats of the people that they only seek to play them for fools? What respect have they earned, this sh*t talking president and his sh*t talking senators? You reap what you sow.

Liberals just love the taste of the sh*t that comes out of their mouths