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Obama and his axis of evil

Ever Vigilant
Ever Vigilant
Wendy Christ

It was bad enough to foresee the potential smallness of one who was nothing but a scholastic underachiever and community organizer being thrust into the presidency of the most powerful nation on the planet. That is no longer the concern. Barack Hussein Obama has made America the mirror image of his indifference to its heritage and of his radical but drab ideology - running at the rear of the new world powers' pack - disdaining American exceptionalism that he himself will never have.

Almost six years into his dismal era, this country has never been weaker in the eyes of its concerned patriots and those of the free world at large, as well as to evil forces who swear to eradicate such freedoms around the globe. Obama is everything that thinking voters said he would be in 2008 - and far, far less.

This president has no agenda to help America as a whole, but sees fit to drain it of its pride, freedoms and resources in order to demonstrate to all that we are ordinary, non-Christian, and, above all, undeserving of the respect long held prior to his imitation of a banana republic reign.

Elected Democrats have morphed into absolute Orwellian servants, marching in step with philosophies that, only a decade ago, even they would have viewed as ludicrous. Conservatives are branded as terrorists or worse, while a soup-brained former House Speaker touts Hamas as a humanitarian group even as they launch thousands of deadly missiles into Israel.

The economy has never revived to the close-out levels of George W. Bush, making him a success story in spite of the recession that hit on the eve of his exit from the White House. Meanwhile, the national debt has increased 70% since Obama only has been in the Oval Office.

And here we are, two long years after the horrific abandonment of four Americans murdered at Benghazi, with the official investigation now finally getting underway, thanks to the stonewalling of a fawning media and perverse political party, both content to leave it all behind and unanswered rather than seek out truth that may ruin or harm even this already failed leader.

We have IRS department officials and an Attorney General, each of whom hand pick what laws, provisions, or regulations they will or will not follow in exercising or abusing the duties entrusted to them by the American public. And there is still no end in sight as to corrective action or bringing anyone to justice.

This administration was willfully negligent in ceding American victory in Iraq (where a cruel tyrant was brought down and replaced with a democratic form of government for the first time in a generation). Today it is occupied by an Islamic caliphate poised to root out and destroy any and all who are not of their "religion of peace". Yet, at home, we passively sentence our military veterans to certain death by medical abandonment.

The president provides open invitation to third world children to come and grab the gold ring of American amnesty and entitlements by simply crossing into the US and surrendering to those we pay to protect our borders from unlawful entry. And then he asks for just another $4 billion to assure that they are clothed, fed, legally represented and "deported" further within the country - all the proper spoils to undeserving future Democrat party members.

After this reckless allowance of encroachment on our hardly sovereign borders (opportunity taken by everyone from gang members to international terrorists, by correct definition), he pressures Israel to commit to a unilateral ceasefire while it is being bombarded by lethal projectiles from Hamas.

And Russian forces shoot down a commercial jet airplane over the now infiltrated Ukraine (thank you again for demonstrated toughness and leadership, Mr. Red Line), but the media is concerned with Obama's tough stand on removing the iconic Redskins logo and name from Washington's professional football team. These collaborators are apparently getting very calloused about violent mass murder. But political correctness is to die for.

Separation of powers has become a mere historical phrase with this administration and its feckless Democrats that remain in power. A Supreme Court makes a decision that goes against the liberal grain, and they go into instant road rage to re-write the law on the matter, even though their president flies solo to alter and omit any point that is politically inconvenient in his signature healthcare law at the drop of a hat. This is due process under Obama, but, hey, lawlessness is just so in vogue to the herd, you know.

And a shameless media (complicit in ignoring the not so subtle autocratic edicts and cancellations of freedoms held dear) has sworn silence and loyalty to the master with nothing at all to gain.

There are basically three categories of people who love Obama. They are (1) the purposefully dangerous forces who hate the American way of life and want to end it, (2) the stubbornly careless believers who worship the most divisive and corrupt president at the risk of losing the very same American ideals forever, and (3) the whoring media that provides almost Secret Service protection, out of complete absence of self-respect for their profession.

The destructive forces are astute enough to recognize how weak the man is for his country, while the slow-witted left cannot see a nation in free fall for the tears that well up in their eyes when paying homage to a naked emperor. His administration is rife with the bullying of political opponents, cowardice in the face of real enemies, chronic lawlessness, unending scandal and their gratuitous cover-ups - none of which are in the least bit sophisticated. Still, the fat cat journalists purr from their posh sofas in hopes of that coveted five minute exclusive with the king.

These things make up the new axis of evil to our freedom and security, and all are on course to become the perfect storm for Obama's final transformation of America. Who ever thought it would be this easy just six years ago?

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