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Obama and Beyoncé le affaire: Oboncé?

Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

According to the Internet, Barack Obama and Beyoncé are having an affair. This I learned from a Facebook post from a friend who read it on Sandra Rose website who then cites The Huffington Post French Canadian addition ("Le Huffington Post") who cites as their source the Washington Post who will presumably expose the whole thing tomorrow but rather late thanks to these other sources and myself.

Is it true? Well if Le Huffington Post is credible then you have to wonder. But what is worth ruminating over is why The Huffington Post would print this in its Canadian edition?

Le célèbre paparazzi Pascal Rostaing évoque un scoop mondial sur une liaison présumée entre le président américain Barack Obama et la chanteuse Beyoncé qui serait publié demain dans le très sérieux Washington Post.


The famous paparazzi Pascal Rostaing evokes a world scoop on an alleged link between U.S. President Barack Obama and singer Beyonce to be published tomorrow in the very serious Washington Post.

Ah, another source. I didn't catch that. Le Huff is relying on Pascal Rostaing (pronounced Pascal Rostaing). Le Hartford Conservateur Examinateur Googled the famous Pascal Rostaing and all I got was a lot of French articles that cite him for the "explosive" rumor

If this isn't true then we can finally discount The Huffington Post as a serious (not that I ever did anyway) news publication. If it's true, oh boy. This is mid-term election year.

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