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Obama affair: Are Barack Obama, Michelle Obama headed for divorce?

Barack and Michelle Obama
Barack and Michelle Obama
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

An Obama affair rumor has surfaced and some media outlets are reported that Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are having marital troubles -- again. On Jan. 21, the International Business Times reported that there are actually several rumors circulating about Barack and Michelle's marriage, and some believe that they are considering a divorce -- if not now, than perhaps after Obama's second term is over.

Rumors that Barack Obama had an affair with a campaign affiliate named Vera Baker have been on the web for a while. The two reportedly "got close" while fundraising for Obama's Presidential campaign. This rumor has not been debunked.

Aside from the Obama affair rumor, there have also been reports that Michelle Obama has reached out to a divorce attorney and that she will seek half of her husband's assets in the filing. She reportedly has no plans to go anywhere with him after his tenure as president is over. Meanwhile, several reports suggest that he will head back to Hawaii, where he grew up.

Martial trouble rumors shot up when Obama was seen taking a "selfie" during Nelson Mandela's funeral. Apparently Michelle was furious (as evident in some pictures posted online) but she allegedly carried on the fight after the couple left South Africa.

Do you think Barack Obama is having an affair with someone? Do you think he and Michelle will end up getting divorced?

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